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Dec. 13, 2023

Replay: "Obviously Awesome," Product Positioning w/ April Dunford — Product Market Fit podcast


Join me as I speak with April Dunford, the world's foremost expert in positioning for technology companies and the author of Obviously Awesome.

Together, we explore the fascinating world of positioning and answer key questions like: What's the relationship between positioning, messaging, and go-to-market strategies? How does it tie into product market fit? And why should you prioritize it before lead generation? We also discuss signals of weak positioning, successful repositioning stories, and tips for early-stage founders.

Tune in to learn about the three styles of positioning and way more.

Chapters:  (00:00) Intro

(02:23) Defining positioning and its relationship with messaging and go-to-market strategies

(03:29) The relationship between positioning and product market fit

(06:36) April’s unconventional path to becoming a positioning expert

(10:49) Prioritizing positioning before lead generation

(13:32) Signals to watch out for weak positioning

(19:47) Repositioning success stories

(24:49) Starting with your best customers for great positioning

(28:07) Customer discovery and interview tips

(35:42) Positioning for early-stage founders

(39:46) Positioning for multiple segments of products

(43:56) The three styles of positioning

(50:54) What comes after positioning: crafting the sales pitch

(53:43) Lightning round

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