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Sept. 27, 2023

Ep47: Lego-like Housing & Regulatory Capture; w/ Ritwik Pavan, Founder & CEO, Krava — Product Market Fit podcast (startups | tech | AI | growth)


(00:00) Intro

(02:27) Krava's story

(03:11) The technology behind the K1

(05:39) Krava vision

(06:07) Market entry strategy (from a business perspective)

(08:30) Prefab housing, is it better?

(10:36) Needed automation for the prefab

(13:35) Customization vs Modular design

(14:54) The green economy

(17:16) Product market fit

(18:37) Market validation

(19:13) Founding story

(20:29) ADUs regulations

(23:19) Assessing product market fit

(25:03) Customer acquisition strategy

(29:03) Challenges ADUs face

(30:09) Competition & Collaboration

(31:21) Second time as a founder

(36:13) Lighting round

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