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Feb. 8, 2024

Ep61: FinTech, B2B2C, and leading through turbulent times — Market Fit podcast (startups | technology | growth)

Join host Mosheh Poltorak in a conversation with Laurel Taylor, the visionary CEO behind Candidly, a fintech platform revolutionizing student debt solutions. 

In this episode, Taylor shares Candidly's journey from its inception to serving thousands of employers, offering invaluable insights into startup growth, technology integration, and the importance of company culture.

Key Takeaways:

  • Innovative Solutions: Candidly's fintech platform offers practical solutions to the student debt crisis, saving borrowers substantial loan repayments.
  • Importance of Company Culture: Taylor emphasizes the crucial role of creating an effective company culture in fostering growth and success.
  • AI Integration: Learn how AI has greatly improved Candidly's operations, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Empathy in Business: Understand the importance of empathy and collaboration in building meaningful relationships, both internally and externally.

Join Moshe Poltorak and Laurel Taylor as they delve into the world of startups, technology, and growth, offering valuable insights for entrepreneurs and business leaders.

_________________  🕒 Timestamps:

(00:00) - Introduction

(01:00) - What is Candidly?

(03:45) - Laurel's backstory that led to starting Candidly (fka FutureFuel)

(08:28) - Choosing B2B2C instead of going direct to consumer (deflationary vs. inflationary CAC)

(11:20) - Fundraising for a "triple bottom line" business

(13:52) - Early hurdles for a fintech startup

(18:19) - Reacting to a changing regulatory landscape

(23:18) - How to do partner enablement correctly

(33:27) - AI and how "the margin drives the mission"

(37:46) - Scaring away potential employees

(40:00) - Lightning round

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