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Aug. 23, 2023

EP42: AI Mashup (Part I): Navigating Competition, Investments, and the Impact of ChatGPT — Product Market Fit podcast (startups | tech | AI | growth)

EP42: AI Mashup (Part I): Navigating Competition, Investments, and the Impact of ChatGPT — Product Market Fit podcast (startups | tech | AI | growth)

Are you as excited about generative AI as I am?

My guests and I have covered generative AI extensively on the podcast. The applications of this technology are far-reaching and the speed of innovation is dizzying.

I've put together a special 2-part mashup of previous episodes on the topic. In this first installment, we dive deep into the foundational concepts, from exploring the power of transformers to unveiling the game-changing potential of ChatGPT.  We also explore the competitive landscape of AI, giving you insights into the race among tech giants and startups, from the perspective of founders and investors.

I hope you enjoy it and go back to listen to the full episodes (if you haven't already done so). Tune in to part 2 next week as we cover the implications of AI on marketers and the societal and ethical implications.


(00:00) Introduction

(02:07) What are transformers? (Pascal Weinberger, Founder & CEO @ Bardeen.ai)

(05:01) Can machines understand? (Pascal)

(05:37) Is Chat-GPT truly a game changer? (Pascal)

(9:12) The chat interface (Alexander De Ridder, Co-Founder & CTO @ Ink)

(11:13) How Chat-GPT continues to improve (Alexander)

(13:49) Google and the Innovator's Dilemma (Tom Taulli, author of "Generative AI: How ChatGPT and Other AI Tools Will Revolutionize Business")

(15:51) Is Google ahead of OpenAI? (Pascal)

(17:23) The AI race between tech giants (Tom)

(18:24) Where does value accrue in the AI race? (Pascal)

(20:16) The new generation of AI startups (Tom)

(22:33) The impact of AI on startups (Leo Polovets, Founding Partner @ Susa Ventures)

(24:25) AI is helping entrepreneurs in starting and scaling companies (Tony Beltramelli, Founder & CEO @ Uizard)

(25:43) Thinking about the competitive landscape (Danielle Dafni, Founder & CEO @ Peech.ai)

(28:16) Where do moats develop? (Hikari Senju, Founder & CEO @ Omneky)

(29:50) Better tech leads to sustainable advantage (Asaf Yanai, Founder & CEO @ Alison.ai)

(32:13) Differentiation and positioning (Yaniv Makover, Founder & CEO @ Anyword)

(34:48) Being AI-first vs. AI as an add-on (Tony B.)

(35:54) People don't buy AI, they buy the value it's creating (Yaniv)

(36:51) Informed AI investments amidst the buzz (Leo)

(40:05) The bull case for investing in AI (April Underwood, Founding Partner @ Adverb Ventures)

(41:33) Conclusion


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