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Jan. 24, 2024

EP59: AI Regulation, European Tech, and PLG — Product Market Fit podcast (startups | tech | growth)

EP59: AI Regulation, European Tech, and PLG — Product Market Fit podcast (startups | tech | growth)

Welcome to another exciting episode of Product Market Fit, where we delve into the fascinating world of AI and workflow automation with our esteemed guests, Pascal, Jakob, and Raphael. In this episode, we explore the cutting-edge advancements in AI technology and how it's transforming the way we work and interact with digital tools.


(01:36) Highs/lows (and buffalos) for 2023

(07:20) Is the AI hype cycle slowing down?

(11:23) Will OpenAI live up to its valuation?

(12:50) e/acc vs. deceleration debate and the risks of regulation

(18:55) What does the death of the Adobe-Figma deal mean for startups?

(25:34) Euro-zone tech trends and funding environment

(33:27) Lessons on PLG and reverse trials

(45:01) Advice for founders just starting out

(49:17) Predictions for 2024

(53:44) Raising VC funding in today's environment

(56:00) Is PLG dead?


Guest Contact Info:

Raphael Allstadt, founder and CEO of tl;dv





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