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Jan. 11, 2023

EP7: Getting rid of copy/paste; w/ Pascal Weinberger, founder & CEO, Bardeen.ai — Product Market Fit podcast

EP7: Getting rid of copy/paste; w/ Pascal Weinberger, founder & CEO, Bardeen.ai — Product Market Fit podcast

Pascal Weinberger is the founder and CEO of Bardeen. I don’t throw the word genius around lightly but Pascal definitely ranks up there. I really enjoyed this thoughtful and honest interview and I think you will too!

In this episode, Pascal shares Bardeen’s growth story and we cover:

  • How they built a beta product and iterated with user feedback
  • His experience launching on Product Hunt
  • How to activate new users
  • And whether startups should be multi-platform or go all-in on a single one to start

We also touched on topics covered in previous episodes such as programmatic or product-led SEO and building viral Growth loops into the product. So if you haven’t listened to those episodes, definitely go back and check those out.

(0:00) Introduction
(3:05) what is Bardeen?
(4:40) competitive landscape
(9:50) Pascal’s background and coming up with the idea for Bardeen
(14:18) iterating through the beta launch
(17:22) launching on Product Hunt
(23:09) activation growth loops
(27:09) leveraging programmatic SEO
(30:16) other growth strategies (building virality)
(34:39) pricing strategy and freemium
(39:50) collecting user feedback
(41:18) selling through the Chrome Web Store
(44:31) should you go multi-platform?
(47:26) lightning round

📅 I will be releasing part 2 of this conversation with Pascal next week. We do a deep dive into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence (AI).  

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