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Jan. 4, 2023

Ep6: Product Market Fit 101; w/ Rajesh Nerlikar, co-founder Prodify — Product Market Fit podcast

Ep6: Product Market Fit 101; w/ Rajesh Nerlikar, co-founder Prodify — Product Market Fit podcast

Rajesh has worked with 50+ product teams and wrote the book Build What Matters — he knows a thing or two about building great products. In this episode, Rajesh covers: 

- Why pricing is such a critical component of product-market fit (and signals you may be missing the mark on PMF)
- The Kano model for product development
- How to gain insights from speaking with customers and prospects
- What is vision-led product management?
- Hiring product managers and product leaders, and org designs for growth; and more. 

I loved this interview and I'm certain you'll walk away with practical learnings from this episode. 

(0:00) Introduction

(2:34) Rajesh's Bio and about Prodify Group

(5:09) What is Product Market Fit (and why is price such an important component)?

(7:51) Where does "messaging fit in"?

(10:29) Signals that you may have PMF (and signs you might be missing it)

(13:00) Case study of company struggling with PMF — using the Kano model

(18:51) How to do customer discovery

(22:17) What is vision-led product management?

(26:40) The difficulties of category creation

(27:10) Hiring product managers

(32:23) Designing a growth org

(36:28) Should startups care about "product-ops?"

(39:38) Avoiding product bloat

(41:31) Lightning round

(45:27) Closing remarks

Further reading:
Buy the book — https://a.co/d/3NAQSZ8  





Guest contact info:
twitter.com/rajeshnerlikar rajesh@prodify.group

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