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Aug. 2, 2023

Ep39: The Role of AI in Creative Strategy; w/ Asaf Yanai, Founder & CEO @ Alison.ai — Product Market Fit podcast (startups | tech | AI | growth)

Ep39: The Role of AI in Creative Strategy; w/ Asaf Yanai, Founder & CEO @ Alison.ai — Product Market Fit podcast (startups | tech | AI | growth)

In this episode, host Mosheh interviews Asaf Yanai fonuder & CEO of Allison.ai, a creative analysis technology company that uses AI models to extract insights and provide recommendations for visual creatives such as videos, images, banners, and more. They aim to break the mold of viewing videos as a black box and instead help companies understand the components that make a video successful. Their AI engine is able to extract 25,000 elements from a video to analyze and predict what works for advertisers.

Additional topics include:

- The future of marketing teams in the age of AI

- How to fundraise in today's environment

- What's happening with Israeli startups (amid unrest)?


(00:00) Intro

(02:14) Alison.ai explained

(05:27) How does it work?

(14:30) Integrating Generative AI

(17:00) Google and Meta — friends or foe?

(19:19) The competitive landscape

(22:00) The grand vision for the company

(24:06) The future of marketing teams

(26:17) Allison's growth to date

(29:13) Growth channels

(33:13) Product roadmap

(35:35) Serving multiple industries simultaneously

(38:50) Fundraising in today's environment

(42:35) Israel's startup ecosystem

(48:40) Lightning round

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