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June 28, 2023

Ep34: Education as a Superpower; w/ Ted Blosser co-founder & CEO @ WorkRamp — Product Market Fit podcast

Ep34: Education as a Superpower; w/ Ted Blosser co-founder & CEO @ WorkRamp — Product Market Fit podcast

In the immortal words of Andy Grove, “Training is one of the highest leverage activities a manager can perform.” 

WorkRamp is the learning cloud for leading B2B companies such as Box, Lattice, Loom, and Intercom. The company has raised almost $70M across multiple rounds from top VCs and angels including Jack Altman, Elad Gil, Initialized Capital, Y-Combinator, and Susa Ventures to name a few. 

I absolutely loved this conversation with WorkRamp’s founder and CEO, Ted Blosser, and have no doubt that you will walk away with a ton of actionable ideas. 

Topics covered include: 

  • How the company struggled with PMF early on and how they overcame it

  • The importance of vision and the framework he learned from the CEO of Cisco

  • How the best SaaS businesses leverage customer education for acquisition, activation and retention

  • Why “being 10x better” is terrible advice for startups

  • How to break into an existing market and compete against incumbents

  • Why it’s so important in this economy for everyone in the company to be a seller 

  • How AI is poised to change education (in a corporate setting and for children)


00:00 Intro

02:42 What is WorkRamp?

03:45 WorkRamp in numbers

04:51 Struggling with PMF

06:26 Finding PMF

10:03 Grand Vision

12:49 What did your background have to do with founding WorkRamp?

15:09 The founding story

16:33 Advice on entering an incumbent category

19:13 Selling strategy

21:40 Onboarding switching clients

24:45 How do customers use the LMS?

29:37 WorkRamp growth channels

34:09 Finding PMF multiple times

37:24 New products

38:13 Employee learning categories

40:20 How do founders leverage enablement training?

43:30 How is AI changing the educational space?

46:27 Lightning round

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