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June 14, 2023

Ep32: Maximize Performance with AI-Powered Ads; w/ Hikari Senju, Founder & CEO @ Omneky — Product Market Fit

Ep32: Maximize Performance with AI-Powered Ads; w/ Hikari Senju, Founder & CEO @ Omneky — Product Market Fit

Here I speak with Hikari Senju, Founder & CEO of Omneky, a startup that enables you to generate multiple versions of ads using AI to show the perfect ad for each customer.

Today's episode focuses on performance marketing and the impact AI has on personalization, privacy, and SEO.

Hikari also reflects on his experiences attending Harvard & MIT, where he became fascinated with AI models, and how this inspired him to build Omneky.

We wrapped up our conversation with a look at the evolving roles powered by AI, his perspective on the startup ecosystem, and how reading biographies can make your life easier.


(00:00) Intro

(02:15) What is Omneky?

(02:45) Backstory behind the idea

(06:02) Omneky core technology

(07:31) What’s the company’s ICP?

(08:11) The grand vision for Omneky

(09:03) Personalization and Privacy

(11:12) Personalization on the edge explained

(14:40) Omneky AI models

(15:19) Fine tone LLMs vs. Foundation models

(18:25) Thinking about the competitive landscape

(22:44) AI is changing the work environment

(24:38) New work roles powered by AI

(26:04) Endless personalized creative content

(27:59) Finding PMF

(30:09) Startup Battlefield

(31:26) Other channels for customer acquisition

(33:11) SEO new landscape

(36:19) Performance marketing

(38:05) Digital ad platforms

(38:30) New products

(39:22) Democracy and capitalism

(41:37) Ligting Round

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