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June 7, 2023

Ep31: Turn Product Data into Revenue; w/ Alexa Grabell, Co-Founder & CEO Pocus — Product Market Fit podcast

Ep31: Turn Product Data into Revenue; w/ Alexa Grabell, Co-Founder & CEO Pocus — Product Market Fit podcast

In this episode, I sit down with Alexa Grabell, the Co-founder and CEO of Pocus, a startup that helps PLG companies to turn product data into revenue. 

This episode is a deep-dive into all things product-led sales with practical lessons for any founder considering layering in this motion to their growth strategy. 

Alexa also shares her journey of starting Pocus, how she and her co-founder spent 5 months on customer discovery and how that helped them in raising Seed and Series A rounds with a total of USD $23M in funding.


(00:00) Intro

(02:09) What is Pocus?

(02:59) Backstory behind the idea

(05:03) Discovering product-market fit

(06:54) Investment rounds

(07:21) What’s the company’s ICP?

(08:19) The grand vision for Pocus

(09:08) Product-led growth

(10:25) PLG and product-led sales explained

(12:40) At what point does it make sense to layer in product led sales?

(15:54) The user vs. the decision maker

(17:12) Hiring a sales team

(19:32) How Pocus helps PLG companies

(23:10) Product qualified leads (PQL)

(24:33) PCommon playbooks for PLS success

(29:29) The challenge to shift from traditional sales to PLS

(32:52) What is Pocus’ primary growth motion? 

(34:00) Content and community growth strategies

(35:29) Marketing’s role in product-led sales

(37:33) Navigating partnerships

(39:04) Thinking about the competitive landscape

(40:53) Key takeaways to start on PLS motion 

(42:32) Lightning Round

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