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May 17, 2023

Ep28: The Coding VC; w/ Leo Polovets, General Partner @ Susa Ventures — Product Market Fit podcast

Ep28: The Coding VC; w/ Leo Polovets, General Partner @ Susa Ventures — Product Market Fit podcast

In this episode, we delve into the world of early-stage venture investment with Leo Polovets, a General Partner at Susa Ventures and former software engineer. Join us as we explore successful investment strategies in the rapidly evolving AI landscape and the transformative impact of AI on startups and society. Discover the essential entrepreneurial skills for different startup stages and how to avoid early-stage traps. Gain valuable insights from LinkedIn's early days working with Reid Hoffman and learn about the art of storytelling in investment presentations.

Tune in now for a dynamic and informative episode packed with actionable advice and valuable knowledge.


(00:00) Intro

(02:30) What is Susa Ventures' investment thesis?

(05:24) Leo's background: from engineering to investment

(07:37) Essential skills for engineers in venture capital

(11:20) Quantum computing: progress and potential for commercial applications

(11:50) Uncovering investment insights in the AI landscape

(17:16) The impact of AI on startups and society

(22:03) The Flexport success story: the winning pitch that revolutionized shipping

(24:32) The art of storytelling in investment presentations

(27:44) Required entrepreneurial skills for different stages of startups

(33:45) Prioritizing pricing from day one: a key to success

(39:11) Insights from LinkedIn's early days: lessons learned working with Reid Hoffman

(42:28) Lightning Round

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