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April 25, 2023

Ep24: The Tactical Guide to Product Launches; w/ Mary Sheehan (Adobe) — Product Market Fit podcast

Ep24: The Tactical Guide to Product Launches; w/ Mary Sheehan (Adobe) — Product Market Fit podcast

In this episode, I speak with Mary Sheehan, author of the Product Launches book, host of the Women in Product Marketing podcast, and a renowned product marketing leader with an impressive track record at Adobe, Google, NextRoll, and others.

We take a deep dive into the world of product marketing, exploring the role of product marketing managers, the product launch process, and essential metrics for measuring success.

We also discuss common pitfalls and mistakes that startups encounter during the launch process and cost-effective ways to launch products.

Don't miss out on this informative and engaging conversation. Tune in to learn more! Mentioned Acronyms: - PMM: Product Marketing Manager. - PRD: Product Requirments Documents.

Timestamps: (00:00) Intro

(02:13) What is product marketing? 

(03:15) Mary's current role at Adobe Lightroom

(05:01) Getting in the Field of Product Marketing 

(08:32) Successful elements of product launch

(10:12) The 10% rule of internal communication

(11:07) The Power of Events in Product Marketing

(13:50) Go to Market and Product launches: what are the differences?

(20:41) How PMM can help in market research

(22:58) The launch fails

(24:30) Measuring success - metrics to look for

(27:08) The successful launch of Instacart

(28:51) Cost-effective ways for product launching

(31:25) How the digital ads industry is moving forward?

(34:02) How AI is changing product marketing

(36:05) Lightning round Guest contact info: linkedin.com/in/maryshirleysheehanproductlaunch.pro

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