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March 29, 2023

Ep20: Building With Intention; w/ Adam Nash, Founder & CEO Daffy (prev. Dropbox, LinkedIn, Wealthfront, etc.) — Product Market Fit

Ep20: Building With Intention; w/ Adam Nash, Founder & CEO Daffy (prev. Dropbox, LinkedIn, Wealthfront, etc.) — Product Market Fit

Adam Nash is a legend in the Silicon Valley product world and has held almost every possible role in the startup ecosystem, including: VP of Product and Growth at Dropbox and LinkedIn, CEO of Wealthfront, board member at Acorns and Shift, lecturer at Stanford, and investor in over 120 startups such as Figma, Gusto, and Opendoor, to name a few.

Most recently, Adam co-founded Daffy, a modern giving platform.

In this interview, we cover: 

  • Adam’s journey from executive to founder and why he started Daffy; 

  • The importance of being intentional with your business model; 

  • Adam’s predictions for the future of fintech; 

  • Key learnings about growth from Dropbox and LinkedIn; 

  • and so much more. 

Don't miss the wealth of knowledge Adam shares in this insightful conversation!

Special offer:

Go to: daffy.org/moshehp/invite to create your account. Once you fund it, Daffy will add $25 that you can donate to any charity of your choice. (Terms and conditions apply.)


(00:00) Intro

(02:55) What is Daffy?

(04:23) Why should I consider a DAF (donor advised fund)?

(07:05) Why giving should be social

(08:40) The starting of Daffy

(11:54) Venture funding and not-for-profit structure

(14:46) The importance of aligning your business model with your mission

(18:56) Advertising as a business model

(22:41) Business models that are interesting for investment

(25:45) The future of Fintech

(30:10) Growth lessons from LinkedIn, DropBox, & Wealthfront

(36:19) How to integrate imperfect data when making decisions

(41:57) Why was Dropbox's referral program so successful?

(47:18) Lighting Round

(52:20) Conclusion

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