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March 15, 2023

EP17: How to gather customer feedback; w/ Pietro Saccomani, CEO, FeedBear — Product Market Fit

EP17: How to gather customer feedback; w/ Pietro Saccomani, CEO, FeedBear — Product Market Fit

Pietro Saccomani is the CEO of FeedBear (and founder of MixBloom and MobiLoud). FeedBear is a tool to collect and prioritize feedback from customers and internal teams. 

In our discussion, Pietro explains how to collect customer feedback and the ways in which companies often get it wrong. He also shares his insights on how to prioritize customer feedback and how to turn it into actionable insights for your team to act on.

Pietro talks about his experience purchasing the company on MicroAcquire, and his journey as a bootstrapped founder. Whether you're a founder, product manager, or just interested in the startup world, this episode is a must-listen. Get ready to gain valuable insights and practical learnings from Pietro's experience.


(00:00) Introduction
(02:10) What is FeedBear?
(03:05) Best-practices for gathering customers feedback
(07:06) Making sense of customer feedback and prioritization
(08:13) Building in public
(10:58) Feedback everywhere (Social media, Slack, Discord...)
(13:58) The origin story of Feedbear?
(17:05) The micro-acquisition space
(20:53) Feedbear's growth strategy (organic, content, & SEO)
(27:25) Using generative AI for content strategy
(29:56) FeedBear's ICP (ideal customer profile)
(34:11) Why a "red ocean" is a good thing (choosing a crowded space)
(36:12) Building a bootstrapped business (not taking VC)
(40:30) Lightning Round
(40:52) Trust and acceptance are important for delegation
(45:26) Conclusion

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