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March 1, 2023

Ep15: Enterprise deal-making, culture, and leadership; w/ Rasty Turek, founder & CEO Pex — Product Market Fit podcast

Ep15: Enterprise deal-making, culture, and leadership; w/ Rasty Turek, founder & CEO Pex — Product Market Fit podcast

As Founder and CEO of Pex, the next VISA for Digital Rights, Rasty understands the business of UGC attribution.

During our conversation, we covered the early days of Pex, its current status, and how a combination of stubbornness, stupidity, and luck kept Pex growing. In this presentation, Rasty discusses how to sell your product or service independently as a startup founder and the significance of understanding the difference between a start-up company, a small business, and an enterprise business.

We talked about the 100-year-old copyright laws, the new AI generative content, and the ongoing lawsuits that courts are looking at.

Lastly, Rasty talked about Pex's transparent culture as well as how employee personas are created in order to create diversity within the team.


(00:00) Start

(02:50) What is Pex (and why is attribution important)?

(05:58) Shazam for video and UGC (using automatic content recognition)

(08:00) How does Pex's system work?

(10:46) How much data are you processing?

(11:35) Copyrights 101 (what is fair use?)

(14:03) Sticking with it during the (difficult) early days of Pex

(18:01) The importance of a supportive team

(20:45) Landing the first deals (selling to enterprise)

(27:54) Exploiting cloud infrastructure

(30:04) Selling to Startups, SMBs, and Enterprises

(32:21) The importance of selling by yourself as a founder

(36:29) Generative AI (Chat-GPT) and copyright law

(41:29) Unique company culture

(48:40) Remote work vs. in-office

(52:10) Tips for leadership

(58:16) Lightning round

(1:01:12) What makes a great board member?

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Definitions and Acronyms:

  • UGC: User-Generated Content.
  • ACR: Automatic Content Recognition.
  • Exabyte = one billion gigabytes.


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