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Feb. 8, 2023

EP12: Finding your true fans; w/ Jakob Knutzen, founder & CEO Butter — Product Market Fit podcast

EP12: Finding your true fans; w/ Jakob Knutzen, founder & CEO Butter — Product Market Fit podcast

Are you struggling to find the right target market for your startup? Don't make the mistake of trying to appeal to everyone, it's a recipe for disaster!

I had the privilege of interviewing Jakob Knutzen, founder and CEO of Butter. Jakob is a management consultant turned agency director, turned startup founder. He has a very thoughtful and intentional way of approaching product market fit for his startup.

Jakob shares his insights on Butter's targeted approach to finding their ICP (ideal customer profile), how to segment your market, how to use data to make informed decisions, and the keys to success for geographically distributed companies.

We also talk about community building, fundraising and more. I really enjoyed this conversation and I’m sure you will too.


  • (0:00) Introduction
  • (1:56) What is Butter? 
  • (3:07) Jakob's background
  • (6:35) How to find your ICP (ideal customer profile)
  • (10:23) Defining Product Market Fit
  • (13:14) Identifying the right activation moments
  • (17:13) Product-led motion vs. product-assisted motion
  • (18:40) Analysis-myopia — losing the forest for the trees
  • (22:19) Gaining qualitative feedback from customers
  • (25:07) Leveraging community
  • (28:22) Influencer marketing
  • (30:59) Launching on Product Hunt
  • (32:35) Other growth channels
  • (34:47) The grand vision for Butter
  • (36:14) Thinking about the competitive landscape
  • (38:10) Fundraising lessons learned
  • (40:50) Keys to remote work success
  • (43:43) Lightning round
  • (45:55) Final thoughts

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