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Nov. 15, 2023

Ep 53: Ecommerce and the Future of AI; w/ Ben Parr, Journalist, Investor, & Co-Founder of Octane AI — Product Market Fit podcast (startups | tech | AI | growth)

What happens when artificial intelligence becomes the new normal for e-commerce? We reveal how AI is shaping the future of the retail world with Ben Parr, journalist, investor, and co-founder of Octane AI. Ben lends his expertise in AI and e-commerce, and shares his insights from the recent TED AI event in San Francisco, providing a fascinating look into the developments in the field. We touch upon Octane AI's revolutionary tools that are taking e-commerce to the next level, and Ben even gives us some tips and tricks on securing PR for startups.

This episode isn't just about AI and commerce; it's an exploration of trust and acceptance of technology by consumers. We discuss how we can bridge the trust gap when it comes to AI products, and how AI is influencing not just the retail space but also the student and workplace experience. We venture into scenarios where AI outperforms humans, and even offer some guidance on distinguishing between the two. With Ben, we dive into the idea of autonomous agents and super intelligence, and the potential implications of these concepts for society and medical technologies, offering a glimpse into a future guided by AI.

Finally, our conversation wouldn't be complete without insights about press and PR for startups. Ben shares his experiences, emphasizing the importance of building relationships with journalists and crafting stories that resonate. He talks about the advantages of offering exclusives and shares his unique approach to effective business travel. We wrap up with Ben's philosophy on building a profitable, sustainable, growing business and his personal core values that guide his decisions.

Join us for this illuminating discussion and step into the future of AI and e-commerce with us.

(00:01) - The Future of AI and E-Commerce

(11:52) - Product Market Fit and AI Impact

(16:33) - AI in E-Commerce and Building Trust

(21:10) - The Future of AI and Society

(33:03) - Startup PR and Press Advice

(41:18) - Startup World and Core Values Change

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