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March 26, 2023

Ep19 (Special): PR for Startups; w/ Lazer Cohen, Founder & CEO Concrete Media — Product Market Fit

Ep19 (Special): PR for Startups; w/ Lazer Cohen, Founder & CEO Concrete Media — Product Market Fit

Lazer Cohen is the founder & CEO of Concrete Media, one of the top PR firms in Israel focused on tech startups.

In this special episode we get tactical on the mechanics of PR for startups. Topics covered include: - Launches, funding announcements, and press releases

- Crafting a story

- How to approach pitching; and more

In our discussion, Lazer makes a compelling case for investing in PR at the early stages, and shares practical tips for founders or anyone responsible for early-stage startup growth.


(00:00) Intro

(02:11) Why should I care about PR?

(03:13) Different types of media outlets

(05:29) How does PR support other channels?

(07:10) PR for early-stage startups (coming soon; launches; funding announcement)

(09:03) Getting started with PR

(09:47) What's "newsworthy?" And do press releases still matter?

(14:10) Approaching journalists

(16:07) The proactive side of PR

(18:32) "Newsjacking," crisis management, and rebranding

(23:05) Crafting the story

(26:43) Story angles ("show don't tell")

(28:47) When is a company ready for PR?

(30:39) Involving the whole team in PR strategy

(32:55) Different models for engaging a PR firm

(34:28) Conclusion

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