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Love this podcast! Real and relevant topics, top tier guests with all the juice you’ve been wanting to hear! It’s a no brainer, you must listen! 5+ stars!

I love Obsessed!
This podcast is by far one of the most interesting and inspirational podcasts I have listened to. Julia, Tia, and Mika are one dynamic trio and a force to be reckoned with! I love these women so so so much!

Great show to give you a different perspective
there are a few episodes that stand out more than others. Which make the show really great. The episode where they talk to the last lawyer for John Wayne Gacy, and the most significant episode with Kendra about parental alienation. These ladies offer insight on experience of others and issues to be noticed.I do listen to obsessed. And it’s a good show thanks ladies.

I love listening to these women.
They all bring their own insights and very diversified 🥰💗

Love this podcast! 👏🏻 Definitely recommended

Found a new podcast to binge! Thank you ladies for having me on the podcast. You’re doing an amazing job delivering epic guests and binge worthy episodes! Thank you!!!

I am completely obsessed with this show! I look forward to new episodes as well as going back to listen to older ones. The hosts are engaging and the content always keeps me engrossed. Love it!!

Highly recommend!!
I love this podcast. So brilliant, the power of relationships!!

My new obsession!
I LOVE this podcast! It’s what has kept me going and motivating me to keep fighting for my dreams. In my opinion best podcast ever!

Loved the enneagram test podcast with Dr Tom.

Love, Love, Love this Podcast
I absolutely love this Podcast please keep it up!!

I ❤️their purpose and real-ness. They reveal their own journeys and their expertise in a relatable message. Much needed. I am obsessed.

Insightful speakers
The ladies do a great job bringing so many wonderful speakers on the show! They each have so much to offer and they truly are obsessed with making everyone’s lives better! Keep it up!

Powerful, Diverse, & Informative
I listen to tons of podcasts but this one is amazing! It’s powerful, authentic, and hits just about everything you can imagine as it would pertain to real life situations. I highly recommend it and can’t get enough of it!!!!

Amazing Show
I absolutely adore the conversational style of this show. We all are obsessed about one thing in our life and Julie brings it out.

Inspiring, encouraging, and FUN!
This podcast is a sweet little treat. Julie is always encouraging people to be the best versions of themselves. She inspires me to go out and tackle my dreams and obsessions! If I’m feeling gloomy, I just give it a listen and I’m! Thank you for this ray of sunshine podcast.

The podcast we didn’t know we needed
Powerful, touching, and realistic. Obsessed says everything we wanted to say and is the podcast we didn’t know we needed. For those looking to expand their horizons and become inspired, Obsessed IS it.

Dang good Podcast
Wow! Listen again and again! Love this podcast!

Obsessed with Obsessed
Best podcast I have ever listened too! Thank you for changing the world

Wow what a show!
Man oh man!! I loved being interviewed by Jules! She has a vibe that transcends through to the listeners and keeps them locked in to the show. Must listen and subscribe!

So relatable
I appreciate the scope and range of topics covered on the Obsessed Podcast and the relatability of both hosts and guests. Lovely to listen in on folks exploring how we might live and grow more fully into ourselves.

Obsessed for real
This is the best podcast and truly helps😋👏

Love the newest episode on divorce and custody battles!
Such great information and relatable content.

Amazing x3
Amazing women, amazing guests, amazing topics, amazing show. Keep coming back for more.

Great Content
This is a feel-good podcast! Great information that shares how to be your best self and live consciously!

This dynamic trio takes real, raw and relevant conversations to a new level!
This dynamic trio takes real, raw and relevant conversations to a new level! If you’re looking to escape the status quo and get OBSESSED with your life, this is the place to do it. Each episode is like your go-to transformational vortex where you’ll receive new perspectives + imagine the possibilities like never before...all with soulful feminine flair, of course!

I’m obsessed with this Podcast ! Real life encouraging stories!

Now, I’m Obsessed!
Only rarely do you come across someone who is sensitive enough but bold enough to be obsessed and here you have the star! I highly recommend this podcast for listeners who want to hear great things delivered directly into their ears and heads. You should listen and enjoy!

Fantastic Podcast!
One of the best podcasts I’ve listened to! Brilliant, kind and brave women asking great questions and dialoguing about renewal and living vibrantly, even amidst or after devastations. This show provides amazing value to listeners!

Helping Families
These Podcasts are so illuminating and needful in society. Many times we don’t know how nor have they connected with others while going through their challenges. To hear the different guest that have graced this platform is absolutely adding value. I say kuddos to y’all’s awesome team. Angella