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So Well Done!
Things are changing quickly in Web3 and in the different Metaverses. In each episode of this podcast, hosts Mark and Dragon do a great job of sharing the most interesting and latest technologies, and opportunities, with its listeners. Dig into each episode and enjoy! Between now and the next episode, I’m looking forward to seeing you IRL and yes, in the Metaverses too. Enjoy the journey and never stop making each day your masterpiece! Mitch Jackson | 2013 California Lawyer of the Year and Co-Founder of

This podcast rocks!
The hosts make the ideas so practical and fun. I enjoy the guests too! NFTs seem much more understandable now!

Best info to understand and learn
This is a completely new world to me and although I’ve been highly interested in it I’ve avoided diving in because everything else I’ve come across to learn this stuff seemed “out of my league”, so that’s why I absolutely love this podcast. It’s highly informative with lessons and information made simple and easy to understand as well as it being fun and entertaining. Highly recommend.

Well explained nfts
I keep hearing about nfts, but struggled to understand what they are. This podcast does a great job helping me understand why I should care about nfts

NFTs Made Simple
As I listen back to the episodes, I can't help but feel hungry for more. The topics are hyper relavant, and the feedback from teh web 3, nft, and crypto community has been awesome.

NFTs Made Simple
I loved this podcast. It really makes sense to me now! Thank you 😊

NFT’s Made Simple
Wow!!! That was awesome. All I know is my 25 Yr old son is a senior adviser and strategist for a private equity firm and he’s tried several times yo help me understand what this is, how it works, and why I should care. It hasn’t sunk in—-until NOW! Thanks for making this so easy to follow and breaking it down. Love the simpler verbiage and casual convo format. Way cool appreciate it so much😜

I trust these guys….who are looking out for their good friends & family!!! ♥️ Thanks JC

These guys are the real deal!
How many times have we been promised success in cryptocurrency?? This podcast is gold! These guys have a way of making it simple, understandable, and give you action steps to get the job done. Tune in!

Timely and Informative
I was looking for a podcast that explained in easy to understand language all things NFT, crypto and Metaverse. So glad I found your podcast, the both of you have nailed it..congrats as I’m looking forward to the journey with the both of you and the community you’re building!

Awesome content!

Amped and Intrigued
So very excited to dive into this podcast and learn so much about our ever changing world specifically with currency. Nows the time, the time is now!

Amazing Podcast! Great info🌟
This is the perfect podcast for a newbie like me! NFTs made simple! Must listen !

Welcome to NFTs Made Simple
Clear and precise….looking forward to learning about this topic from two reliable guys!

Much needed!
I can’t wait to learn this info and be part of this group.

Awesome stuff!
Wow, this is super cool! I have been so curious about the world of NFTs but didn’t know where to begin. I am excited to see where this show will take me. Something that I love about this podcast is that the hosts started out as novices and will be sharing NFT info from scratch! I have trouble with shows that are too “expert”. It’s confusing and can be so tiresome. Thank you for this!

Super excited for this!

Johan Stapelberg
I am so so excited to follow these guys…. lets go!!!!

Can’t wait!
I am really excited for this podcast!

Dragon 🐉 Fan
This is what I needed!!!! I’m so eager to learn and this is a perfect and safe way to do it. Let’s go