May 12, 2024

Episode 178: The Suffering of a Mentor with Danny "Bookem" Rivera

Episode 178: The Suffering of a Mentor with Danny

Danny was born to Puerto Rican parents in Jersey City New Jersey. At the age of 10 he, his mom, sister, and father moved to Bayonne New Jersey. Danny biological father was not present, although Danny knew who he was. Danny did not grow up with alot of love and attention. During this time he found his love for rap music and began to write his own rap lyrics. This was a way for Danny to deal with the emotions he felt during this time.   Danny then started to be in the streets heavily to avoid being home. Danny started to surround himself with many dangerous individuals who supported his rap career and also taught him about the streets. At age 21, Danny started going to church and became a boen again Christian.  He then got his GED at the adult education center in Jersey City, before taking the police test and being hired by the Hudson County Sheriff's Office in 2006. Danny still works there and also founded a community outreach movement called THE BRIDGES PROJECT. This movement was created to form a bridge of understanding between communities and law enforcement.  Danny utilizes music and his life story as a conduit to form trust. Danny is also known by many as "BOOKEM". He goes to schools and mentors kids from different areas who he can relate to. Most of the kids he mentors have similar issues trauma that BOOKEM has dealt with. Danny has worked in patrol, superior court, and was on loan to the Prosecutor's narcotics task force. Daniel was recently selected by the NEW BLUE fellowship to be part of an international group of law enforcement officers who also pour value into their communities.  Danny is also a father of 3 daughters and has a wife.

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