June 2, 2024

Episode 181: The Suffering of a Trans Woman With Lexi and Crystal Knight

Episode 181: The Suffering of a Trans Woman With Lexi and Crystal Knight

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Lexi Knight is a 46 year old trans woman,and former drug addict, who lives in South Carolina. She moved there 8 years ago when she was living in her car with her little dog Taco, who is a chihuahua, and a loyal friend to her. She is a social media influencer on Twitch & TikTok, known as Justagirllexi on all of her social media platforms. Lexi is a strong and passionate advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community. She focuses on education on her social media platforms to change how society views the trans community, as well as being passionate about addiction and recovery. She enjoys telling her story to all who ask about her or her journey. Lexi recently started doing cameos for people who want a happy birthday or a message of inspiration or other requests. Lexi started streaming on TikTok in May of 2021 and has amassed a following of over 100k people, since then, after restarting her account in early 2022. She became a Twitch partner in lightning speed at 4 months, her following has grown to almost 28k and Lexi does Twitch full time.

She is married to her wife Crystal of 4 years and they have 11 children between. Crystal asked Lexi to transition in March of 2021 after seeing Lexi struggle with her identity for over a year. Lexi began her transition in April of 2021. She has just finished a full third year of her transition, with a few more years to go to complete it.  She traveled to Thailand to complete her Bottom surgery in June of 2022. Lexi Currently has a Gofundme trying to raise money for her teeth to be replaced as a result of past drug use. She has been clean and sober with her eleventh year coming on May 15th of this year,
Lexi enjoys her hobbies of gardening and photography. She also does a podcast on Spotify in her spare time when she has it. Lexi Streams on TikTok everyday and before her Twitch stream starts. Lexi also makes TikTok content in between. Lexi streams on Twitch every Thursday - Sunday 7pm Est and welcomes everyone into the community no matter your orientation.
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