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Must listen
Incredible show with inedible stories

One of the best!
Well, where to begin. Kevin and Mike are down to earth, salt of the earth guys! They and their podcast guests are bringing much needed awareness to mental health challenges and how to overcome them. I have been inspired every time I listen! This podcast is representative of a true and motivating purpose!

Good show, only need Kevin, not Mike
From the topics, to the guests and the production, this is a great podcast….here comes the BUT…….Kevin is good enough on his own feet and doesn't need Mike. No offense to Mike, but he doesn't bring anything to the show that can’t already be covered by Kevin, from a host perspective. I find it slows down the conversation and pace and needlessly interrupts a train of thought. The best example I can give, is from 2 other dual host podcasts and those are, True Crime Garage and True Crime All The Time. Both those podcasts have the “main” host that drives the show while the cohosts can steer it off a cliff. It’s not needed. I know you probably won’t read or take this review constructively, but I only hope you do. Keep the episodes coming and I’ll continue to grit my teeth while listening.

One of the better ones
This podcast is one of the better ones out there dealing with mental wellness. Kevin is very well spoken and a great advocate for this

Pure Gold! 5 Stars! The Suffering Podcast is a binge worthy!
You’ll be hooked. Absolutely gripping episodes. This Podcast will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. This is some of the best content out there, bar none. Everyday folks with the most amazing back stories of adversity, tragedy and how they pushed through it all to come out the other side. Every episode is awe inspiring and motivating from beginning to end. Hosts are so interesting and funny you’ll want to listen to the episodes back to back. Also cool to see the guests on video outlets too.

Keep DePalma, as a third lol he’s a riot and he has a great input also. You guys are doing God’s work

Too much inspiring
Randomly found you but now i am your permanent listener. Your both are great. All the episodes are too much inspiring. Best wishes.

The Most Helpful Podcast Ever
I think this is the most helpfu, best motivational, most inspiring podcast ever. Suffering stories with how they overcome from those give the most inspiration. We all suffer somehow. But listening this podcast will give you the inspiration, the motivation to move on. I suggest you for a must listen to this

Best Motivational Ever!
The speeches are just powerful and meaningful. I have never had a motivational like this. It helps me through the hard times. Helps me to pick myself up, helps me to reach full potential.

Boom! This is Podcast Excellence🙌
I can’t stop listening to the stories Kevin and Mike bring to my earbuds. Poignant lessons in life make a binge-worthy podcast. I can’t wait to listen to the next and next and next ….

Always an inspiration!
Thanks for bringing so many great guests and wisdoms to the table. I get something valuable out of every listen.

Great conversations!
This podcast offers a ton of value, helpful insight and is powerful. The topics are interesting and offer a lot of different perspectives. Definitely offers inspiring and motivational interviews.

Helped me a lot!
I have had a really difficult year and this podcast has seriously helped me start changing my mindset and take action steps to living a happier life.

A must listen
I absolutely love this podcast! I try to listen to it whenever I’m feeling a bit down or not myself. It always manages to help me get in a better mood again and to remind myself that all of my desires are possible and on the way.

He is so inspiring and this podcast has become essential in developing my skills and encouraging others.

Best one
Yes you are right, success must contains sufferings. I think there is none who has made him successful has not suffered because to get success we have to pay a lot of hard way.

I listen to at least 2 episodes a week! All the episodes can apply to anyone, any age, and any situation in life. I am absolutely addicted to these! Every time I feel down, it brings me up.

I Love it!
Great insight, feedback, energy and I enjoy how you talk!!

Nice conversation
This is super interesting and amazing podcast.

Wow such a great show. Love how open and honestly you talk about such difficult topics. Keep up the great work.

My sniper hero
Really enjoyed hearing my brother on y’all’s podcast. It was a great listen and y'all will be one of my regulars listens. Y’all are awesome. We need more people like Steve. He is forever my hero.

A visit to the ‘men’s hut’
For time immemorial, most society’s had a place for men to get together and speak freely about issues that concern them. Opening up, learning. relating, teaching...a support group. Way more than not, they’re gone in modern society. Kevin’s offered one here, whether he knows it or not, for anyone to join. To talk about a wide variety of issues and offer a forum for transformation. Love the tone, forthrightness, and honesty. Tune in and expand.