May 26, 2024

Episode 180: The Suffering of Jerzey Mike with Mike Faria

Episode 180: The Suffering of Jerzey Mike with Mike Faria

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Mike Faria was born and raised in New Jersey and as a teenager experimenting with drugs and alcohol to deal with his childhood traumas. In October 2019, Mike went into a major depression and began drinking more than he ever had in his life. Mike had to take leave from his job to try and function through the drunken hours. He thought he was going to be able to stop, but he was wrong. 

In January 2020, Mike was found barely breathing in his house from acute liver failure, hepatic encephalopathy, and kidney failure. Two weeks prior Mike had noticed his eyes turned yellow. Toxins had built up in his blood from his liver not functioning.

Mike was rushed to the ER where he was in a coma for almost 3 weeks. Finally waking up on January 27th to be told he did not qualify for a liver transplant and that he would have to be sober for 6 months to even make the list. Doctors said there was very little chance of survival even with a liver transplant.

Mike was 268 lbs when he came out of his coma.  He had to learn how to walk and eat all over again. Through good spirits, love from his family, and faith in god and Jesus… within 3 months of waking up, his liver had to returned to normal functioning levels. Mike’s kidneys healed., his mind healed and his soul healed.

Mike was given a second chance to live life and this time around he yearned to feel and go through every emotion that use to break his heart down to drink.

Today, Mike does therapy once a week that helps him deal with issues that don’t involve addiction. He is Grateful to have problems, Grateful to have struggles, Grateful to have peace and clarity to face life with positive coping behaviors but most of all Mike is grateful to be alive and be able to share his story with others.

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