April 7, 2024

Episode 173: The Suffering of Psychedelics with Ryan Fowler

Episode 173: The Suffering of Psychedelics with Ryan Fowler

Ryan grew up in western Wi and is from a family of cops on his mother’s side, farmers, trades people and laborers on his fathers side. Ryan initially followed in his father’s footsteps in the trades as an electrician, but while working on new home construction of sever police officers, he did some ride a longs and was hooked. Ryan worked as an electrician at night so he could attend Wisconsin’s Police Recruit academy during the day to become a licensed peace officer in WI. In the late fall of 2005 Ryan graduated and was hired as a Deputy at a small rural Sheriff’s Office in Western WI where his grandfather and uncle had spent their entire careers, although Ryan’s career would only be 11 short years. During his career Ryan worked in Corrections at the County Jail, eventually taking a promotion to patrol, and then worked as a dual certified K9 handler doing narcotics detection and criminal apprehension receiving his K9 training and certifications through St Paul MN PD’s elite K9 training program, one of the best in the world.

Wisconsin has unique and unhealthy relationship with alcohol. Ryan came into law enforcement already addicted to alcohol but was consuming what was considered acceptable by his local standards. During his career Ryan found easy access to other prescription medications through his doctor while trying to cope with PTS and pain management. The combination alcoholism and endless pills would eventually lead to his downfall in October of 2016 in very public and embarrassing way.

Ryan got sober, but struggled with his mental health until he eventually took a giant leap of faith and tried a psychedelic healing retreat through a non-profit called The Siren Project, who specializes in sending first responders to Mexico where they can legally partake in “sacred medicine” ceremonies. It was there that Ryan finally found relief from his demons and his healing journey began.
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