March 17, 2024

Episode 170: The Suffering of a Transplant with Michael Palazzo

Episode 170:  The Suffering of a Transplant with Michael Palazzo

 ​Michael Anthony  Palazzo was  born and raised in  Quuens.He was raised in a small neighborhood called Maspeth,a predominantly Italian neighboorhood. it was a neighborhood that if your family didn't own a business you became cop or fireman  or a gangster or somewhere in between.

Michael was heavily involved in athletics  growing up and never really wanted to be a cop.His father Pasquale,who was a Correction Officer on Rikers urged him to take all  the police tests in New York  just in case his athletic plans fell through.In 1997 Nassau County police came calling  and he had scored very high.He was hired and his 21 year  Police Career began.He loved the action  and was hooked from there l protecting and serving  the community He began to specialize in DWI arrests  and was recognized  with numerous awards and made  over 3000 DWI arrests 

Little did he know in November 2009  his life would change.He was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Failure .After 2 months of dialysis  he underwent a  sucessful kidney transplant  and returned to full duty 1 year later However Michael was not done with his battle.  On May 30 2023 after 13.5 years the transplanted kidney had failed  and it was back on dialysis and back to needing another kidney.However this time would be an entirely different battle for his life.During the evaluation  for a new kidney the doctors discovered  4 blockages in his heart.Now facing death in the face he underwent a 6 hour  open heart surgery.It was the toughest mental and physical battle of his life.The journey wasn't over .On November 27 2023 after a grueling  6month the Queens native received a Kidney from his Mom which saved his life allowing him to share his story with other who are battling tough times mentally and physically 

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