March 10, 2024

Episode 169: The Suffering of Incest with Sherrie Allsup

Episode 169: The Suffering of Incest with Sherrie Allsup

Sherrie Allsup is an international speaker, educator, and subject matter expert with lived experience. She speaks on topics such as sexual assault, sexual abuse, trauma, and suicide. Sherrie is a survivor of long-term sexual abuse, trauma, and suicide attempts. After much hard work and healing she became the founder and CEO of Courage Starts With You. For victims, Courage means telling someone and reaching out for help. For law enforcement, Courage means looking beyond the traditional victim interview technique to recognize how and why victims of assault may act differently than victims of crimes.  

She purchased a cemetery plot, purchased the outfit she wanted to be buried in, and made the decision that morning was going to be the day Sherrie Allsup no longer lived to endure the pain she lived daily throughout her life. Yet, those were not the cards that she was dealt. That was the moment that she began to take her power back. Sherrie Allsup’s journey took a profound turn when faced with the contemplation of ending her life, she instead chose to reclaim her power. She now travels and shares her story to shine a light on the lifelong challenges that sexual abuse and trauma leave behind.
Her pieces of training are centered around shining a light on the dark epidemic of sexual abuse and assault. She is also a member of RAINN (Rape, Abuse, Incest, and Neglect Network). She says, “Trauma victims almost live plan to plan or we wouldn’t survive.” Embracing Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) psychotherapy, Sherrie embarked on a new chapter. In her own words, “This sentiment encapsulates her life, where she navigated each moment with a flickering flashlight, battling the pain that haunted her daily. Determined to break free from the past, she decided that the grip of her father’s years of abuse is not going to define her”.
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