Feb. 4, 2024

Episode 164: The Suffering of a Dispatcher with Nancy Nugent

Episode 164: The Suffering of a Dispatcher with Nancy Nugent

Nancy Nugent (no, she’s not related to Ted), was born and raised in Northern NJ and still finds herself here despite the many, many thoughts she’s had about living out of state. She’s found it’s truly hard to give up the Jersey card, but she did at least move to a different county when she left home. Growing up, the only law enforcement knowledge Nancy had was because of her grandfather, who had retired as a police sergeant long before she was born. Nancy had absolutely no intention, desires, or even thoughts about getting into anything related to law enforcement, public service, etc. but many years ago in college, when picking the mandatory elective courses, Nancy chose what she figured to be the least sleep inducing class, Intro to Criminal Justice. As a result of that one class, Nancy ended up adding a Criminal Justice major to her Communications degree and, after realizing going the actual police officer route wasn’t a desire, has now had a career path which started in police dispatch, detoured to fraud and federal background investigations, and then came back to dispatch, where she has spent the last 9 years in two departments growing from dispatch trainee to her current title of supervisory dispatcher. She has heard things ranging from super sweet to absolutely heartbreaking, has acted as an unintentional therapist, and has been screamed at and called every name in the book by complete strangers, all while keeping track of various rules, regulations, people, their personalities, and their preferences. 

When not at work, Nancy gets out of dispatch mode the best she can and tries to spend time with her significant other, friends, and family, but mostly gets ordered around by a 12 year old, 30 pound pit bull mix named Trooper (who is absolutely NOT named after the state police). She’s found exploring various hiking trails and other outdoor spots to be the best mind clearing activity ever. Nancy also lives to be the fun aunt to her two most awesome nephews. 

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