Jan. 14, 2024

Episode 161: The Suffering of Forgiveness with Clark Fredericks

Episode 161:  The Suffering of Forgiveness with Clark Fredericks

In June of 2012 Clark ran into the pedophile rapist who had abused hin as a young boy. By his side was a

young boy about the age that he had raped Clark.. Seeing him ripped open all of Clark’s  repressed childhood pain.  A few months later Clark drove to his house to confront him. At the end of that confrontation, he lay dead. HeI was arrested for his murder and faced life in prison, but instead, Clark accepted a plea deal to 2nd degree murder and got sent away to prison for 5 years.

During his time incarcerated, ClarkI decided to transform his life from one of self-destruction, to one of self-

construction. Clark’s gateway to a better life would require self-discipline and self-improvement. The

avenue for attaining these two things would come from daily exercise, faith, transparency, and no

longer harboring the secrets from my past. This past year Clark found himself going on a 6-month backslide

after sustaining a shoulder injury and then finding his brother dead on our kitchen floor. Clark was

depressed, lethargic, and eating unhealthy foods. After looking in the mirror at his ballooning weight, he

said, “This has to change.  Clark has an upcoming multi-episode documentary coming out soon, as well as a book release with Simon and Schuster Publishing. 

Please follow Clark Fredericks on all the social media platforms to stay up to date

on his soon to be released projects.

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