Jan. 7, 2024

Military Veteran, Alienated Mom, Domestic Violence Survivor and Marketing Expert, Rocki, Shares How She has Overcome All

Military Veteran, Alienated Mom, Domestic Violence Survivor and Marketing Expert, Rocki, Shares How She has Overcome All
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The Aftermath of Divorce, Family Trauma, Custody Battles and The Healing Thereaf

In this compelling podcast episode, the host interviews a marketing expert with over a decade of experience who shares a remarkable journey of overcoming adversity. The guest, a military veteran, retired in 2018 and transitioned into entrepreneurship to pursue her passion for marketing. She expresses a deep commitment to helping teen girls build a supportive community, inspired by her own traumatic experience at 17.

Rocki discusses the challenges of being a single mom and a full-time entrepreneur, highlighting the demanding nature of military service. When asked about balancing these roles, she initially admits not knowing how she did it, eventually delving into her past experiences of abuse and the impact on her life.

The conversation touches on her decision to join the military as a way to escape an abusive relationship, only to face new challenges within the military system. She sheds light on the issue of parental alienation, sharing personal struggles with custody battles and the emotional toll it took on her.

Part of the episode revolves around the book series called "Camouflage Sisters," where she shared her story of domestic violence and military service. The collaboration provided a supportive sisterhood, connecting women who had similar struggles.

The conversation takes an emotional turn as Rocki discusses the painful reality of losing contact with her oldest child due to parental alienation. Despite attempts at reconciliation, communication broke down, and she turned to spirituality for strength.

Rocki's resilience and healing from domestic violence, military service, successful entrepreneurship, and ability to navigate parental alienation makes her a success. It's important to stay grounded amid life's challenges.




Divorce is hard. And the aftermath of healing is a space of strength.

Hosts, Mick Smith and Kindra Riber, want to make sure you are not alone during divorce, parental alienation, and custody battles. They bring real people and real stories to you so you can be equipped to heal yourself, your children and recover from the aftermath of family trauma and drama.

If you find yourself entangled in a high-conflict divorce or experiencing the heart-wrenching alienation from your children, we encourage you to share your story with us. Reach out to us at theaftermathhealing@gmail.com and let your voice be heard.

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