Feb. 3, 2024

5 Factor Model on Parent Alienation with Child Psychiatrist, Bill Bernet

5 Factor Model on Parent Alienation with Child Psychiatrist, Bill Bernet
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The Aftermath of Divorce, Family Trauma, Custody Battles and The Healing Thereaf

In this episode, we explore the intricate world of parental alienation, drawing insights from Dr. William Burnett's five-factor model.

Dr. Burnett, a seasoned child psychiatrist, shares his extensive experience in dealing with parental alienation, a phenomenon where a child rejects one parent without valid reasons. The five-factor model, comprising contact resistance, previous positive relationship, absence of abuse or neglect, alienating behaviors by the favored parent, and lack of psychopathology in the child, serves as a diagnostic tool for identifying parental alienation.

In an engaging conversation, Dr. Burnett discusses the 17 primary alienation strategies and emphasizes the importance of recognizing true cases versus false allegations. Acknowledging that parental alienation is a complex issue, Dr. Burnett highlights the need for thorough evaluation, considering all factors simultaneously.

As we navigate through the discussion, we gain valuable insights into the strategies employed by alienating parents, such as bad-mouthing, interference with parenting time, and portraying the other parent as dangerous. Dr. Burnett underlines the significance of distinguishing between normal behaviors in divorce situations and the pervasive, intense patterns indicative of parental alienation.

Join us in "The Aftermath," where we peel back the layers of divorce, custody battles, and family trauma, sharing inspiring stories, expert insights, and actionable tips.

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