Feb. 15, 2024

It's Not About Us: Navigating Co-Parenting with Darlene Taylor

It's Not About Us: Navigating Co-Parenting with Darlene Taylor
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The Aftermath of Divorce, Family Trauma, Custody Battles and The Healing Thereaf

In this insightful podcast, Darlene Taylor shares her journey of co-parenting and the lessons she learned along the way, which she also discusses in her book titled "It's Not About Us: A Co-Parenting Survival Guide to Taking the High Road." 

Darlene emphasizes that successful co-parenting requires a shift in perspective, where decisions are no longer about the individual but about what's best for the children. She highlights the importance of communication, trust, and collaboration between co-parents, even in the face of past hurt and grief from divorce.

She stresses the significance of giving oneself time and space to heal before embarking on the journey of co-parenting. Darlene acknowledges that co-parenting challenges, such as communication breakdowns and navigating conflicting emotions, are common but can be overcome with patience and resilience.

Throughout the podcast, Darlene provides practical advice on handling various aspects of co-parenting, including making decisions together, maintaining positivity, setting boundaries on negative talk about the ex-partner in front of children, and prioritizing the well-being of the children above all else.

She encourages co-parents to lead by example, take the high road, and approach co-parenting with humility and grace. Darlene also touches on the role of friends and family in providing support during the co-parenting journey and the importance of setting a positive example for children.

Overall, Darlene's insights offer valuable guidance for co-parents navigating the complexities of raising children in separate households and emphasize the importance of prioritizing the children's needs and fostering a cooperative co-parenting relationship.

Divorce is hard. And the aftermath of healing is a space of strength.

Hosts, Mick Smith and Kindra Riber, want to make sure you are not alone during divorce, parental alienation, and custody battles. They bring real people and real stories to you so you can be equipped to heal yourself, your children and recover from the aftermath of family trauma and drama.

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