Oct. 19, 2023

The Sweet Taste of Freedom: The Wrongful Conviction of Evaristo Salas

The Sweet Taste of Freedom: The Wrongful Conviction of Evaristo Salas
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Crime & Cookie Juice

“Evaristo Salas is a free man. At last.

A jury convicted Salas in 1995 of shooting Jose Arreola twice in the head on a foggy November night. Salas was 15 at the time of the killing and 16 when he was imprisoned.

The case hinged on testimony of a paid police informant who has since recanted his testimony that Salas was bragging around town about the killing; Arreola’s girlfriend at the time, who reportedly told the victim’s mother that she was only able to identify Salas from a photo montage following hypnosis; and evidence that the pickup truck Arreola was shot in was removed from the scene and cleaned before it was processed for evidence.

During his 26 years of imprisonment, Salas has always maintained his innocence.” the stars of ID's hit show, Reasonable Doubt, Detective Chris Anderson and Fatima Silva, Esq. for the podcast that fans have been waiting for. Chris and Fatima talk all things true crime, including cases they investigated on Reasonable Doubt.

About Chris Anderson and Fatima Silva:

Retired homicide detective Chris Anderson and criminal defense attorney Fatima Silva have spent years helping desperate families who believe their loved ones were wrongfully convicted of murder. In their new podcast, Crime & Cookie Juice, Chris and Fatima talk about cases that they are passionate about while enjoying their favorite glass of "Cookie Juice" aka bourbon. Join Chris and Fatima as they pour their bourbon and pore into evidence.

Reasonable Doubt (Seasons 1-5) airs on Investigation and Discovery Plus. On their hit tv show, "Reasonable Doubt, " Chris and Fatima were forced to decide whether there's really been a wrongful conviction or whether the family needs to face the bitter truth that their loved one is guilty as charged. "Reasonable Doubt" is a hard-hitting, balanced, and emotional look at the United States criminal justice system. Learn more about the stars and reach out!

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