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Love the podcast and you both. Thank you!!!

Crime and cookie juice
Love your pod casts. You guys rock!

ChrisTima Forever!
I love love love your podcast! I am/was a huge First 48 fan, and an even bigger Reasonable Doubt fan, so having you two together to listen to daily is AMAZING!! I love the way you approach the subject matter, and having the POV of both the detective and the defense attorney is what makes this dance so perfect. I look forward to Wednesdays for new episodes, and of course I follow you both on social media. Thank you for providing the pleasure of listening and learning about these cases and giving your take on current events as well. When I can wait til Wednesday nights (instead of Wednesday morning) I listen, and have my cookie juice! Keep up the amazing work, you guys rock! #ChrisTimaForever

Love this podcast
Miss seeing Chris and Fatima on Reasonable Doubt so was happy that I could still hear from them on this informative, entertaining and well thought out podcast. The chemistry they have is amazing!!

Top Tier true crime podcast
Love their “Down to Earth” vibe. Makes the listener feel very comfortable as they tune-in to some heavy topics. They both seem like people you’d love to sit down and have a glass of whiskey with and talk true crime. Fatima & Cris had great on screen chemistry, and that chemistry has seamlessly transferred to the podcast platform. They both bring a lot of experience & Knowledge to the table and deliver it in the most personable way! Always looking forward to the next episode! Cheers 🥃

Must Listen
Such a great show, listen to many episodes on a road trip. Keep me engaged and its very informative . Crime junkies need to listen, Husband loved it too!!

Nothing but Love ❤️❤️
Such a great podcast show. I’ve been down with you guys since the beginning of reasonable doubt…Chris an the 1st 48th I wish you guys nothing but success with everything ahead for you guys.

Loved the most recent episode.
I loved the episode. I loved how Chris humanized defense attorneys. So many people ask how I work for defense attorneys ( I’m a paralegal at the public defenders office in B’ham) and it blows my mind that people ask this. For starters, the constitution that’s how. Secondly, they hold police accountable to do their job correctly. Most cases investigated properly aren’t acquitted as Chris stated. Love it!! Keep up the great work. And yes, Emory is a legend and a nice guy.

Mad at Chris
My man I been following u from A&E to id channel how am I just finding this podcast….Now I hear my guy all the time my wife listening to it at work now….Congratulations to both of u..

Full-bodied Spirits!
Chris & Fatima are my favorite of any podcast, or crime TV show ever! I come from a long line of Philly PD and am an ultimate crime junkie! They compliment each other perfectly! They are empathetic experts and take the time to explain details and techniques so the audience understands! Thank you guys! I LOVE YOU!

Love you guys!
I just loved you guys on Reasonable Doubt- I really cannot believe it was canceled. I looked forward to each season and each episode. From a person that that only watches a handful of TV shows, a huge bummer! ID lost a customer, but glad I found your podcast! ❤️

You need this podcast in your life!
Chris and Fatima is (imo) are a podcasting dream team who are so needed in this true crime space. I'm already a fan and can't wait to see where they go from here. Oh. And I'm a usually a gin drinker, but thanks to Chris & Fatima, I've left touch DNA all over the bourbon section of my local liquor store. 🤣🍪🥃

True fan!
I LOVE Reasonable Doubt. So happy there is a podcast!! I’m hoping there will be updates on cases from the show. Your compassion to the families and your passion for finding the truth is why I respect y’all so much! New podcast fan but a true fan of y’all for a while ❤️

Give Crime and Cookie Juice a try!
I’ve been Chris Anderson’s #1 fan since The First 48! I love the concept of Reasonable Doubt where I became Fatima’s #1 fan :) Chris and Fatima are amazing in their knowledge of their fields! Their passion to seek answers is incredible.

Love, love, love!!!!!
Christima, While I miss Reasonable Doubt, I am beyond thrilled that you have stepped outside of the box and launched this podcast. Throw in sipping on some good bourbon and I’m hooked! I love your energy and your approach to digging into a case. I look forward to the new podcast every week. So many families do not have the resources to hire a top attorney or investigator which makes it terribly difficult to have every stone unturned in their defense. Thank you for your genuine desire to help those who don’t have many, if any, willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and listen to their stories. Wishing you all the best and hoping to see you on YouTube! Staci Haggerty

Great Concept and Unique Approach
I binged all episodes and can't wait for more! My favorite duo is back, relaxed, and ready to take us on a seamless journey using fantastic guest experts to educate the audience. We see another side of Chris and Fatima's personalities, drawing you in; it's an outstanding balance to the terrible crimes discussed. Of course, care and compassion are always there. Science progresses, and the guest experts help to keep the audience on the cutting edge. You make me think! Bravo!

Forever fan
When I heard Reasonable doubt was cancelled I was devastated!! So happy they are doing a podcast! I’m in love. Love their voices

Truly engaging and honest
Loving this podcast!! It’s so refreshing that they are honest and real; truly cool to hear their personalities shine through. Fatima and Chris balance each other out just like in Reasonable Doubt but THIS IS UNEDITED!! They love diving in and bringing their backgrounds but keep it real! They ask great questions of each other, challenge each other, which is engaging because I don’t want to listen to two people who agree all the time. Fatima and Chris are level headed, passionate, and really seek truth, because it’s who they are. Can’t wait for more episodes!

What’s NOT to love?!
I absolutely love the professional relationship and personal friendship between Chris and Fatima! You guys know how to captivate the audience and keep our attention! I was devastated when they canceled the show, but even more excited for this forum/podcast! You guys rock! Thank you for C&CJ!!! Can’t never get enough of a GREAT thing!!!

Fascinating analysis
I was so disappointed when I found out that Reasonable Doubt would not have a sixth season. I really enjoyed the show and the interaction with Chris, Fatima, other people that watched and the families of the convicted via the associated Facebook group. I also enjoyed Chris and Fatima’s blog about the episode as there was always information that did not fit within the episode taping. But now we have this fascinating blog, where we can learn a lot about cases, investigations and legalities from two of the nicest and qualified people who really appreciate their listeners. Among the things I’ve learned already in the first few episodes are the difference between trace and transfer DNA, the strengths and weaknesses of DNA evidence, soil analysis in determining, whether areas have been dug up, etc. As someone that has started drinking bourbon earlier this year, I also enjoy the brief bourbon analysis at the beginning of each episode. Lol Here’s a bourbon (Angel’s Envy) toast to ChrisTima and hope for many more years of success and crime analysis, whether it’s podcast, TV, etc.

The Perfect Duo!
Love the crime talk and the two of you offer amazing personalities and expertise. Really hoping Reasonable Doubt gets picked up by another network or streaming! The alcohol talk is annoying but that’s probably just me because I don’t drink. Thank you both for doing what you do!

Love these guys
Love these two. I’ve been following Det. Sgt. Anderson since he was on First 48 and then transitioned to Reasonable Doubt. Absolutely love Fatima, she really knows how go in and go hard when it comes to getting the info she needs.

Loving the podcast… make them longer!! Please and thank you 🔥

The side of Christima that you never got to see on TV
Retired detective Chris Anderson and attorney Fatima Silva are so professional on TV, so this podcast shows the side that we never see: Funny, laughing, and relaxed. I hope that the “Reasonable Doubt” mission lives on, but for now, this will satisfy old and new fans alike. #TeamChristima

The Super Duo of True Crime
Chris and Fatima are back! I am a podcast junkie and was over the moon when I found out the dynamic duo were starting a podcast series. I’ve watched every season and episode of Reasonable Doubt and was truly saddened that ID chose to cancel the show. Thank you for continuing to bring us great content and looking forward to future podcasts.

This is the One
I am a podcast junkie and this one is stellar. I feel like I’m back in college learning. Amazing hosts.

Oh Em gee!!
Great podcast, I may start drinking after all… Haha…. This was my first podcast.. Fatima you are awesome but there’s just something about Chris we are miss watching on TV. Best of Luck…. Congrats…

Great podcast!
If you loved Reasonable Doubt, the dynamic duo are serving it up in this podcast. They’re still dedicated to the truth in a compassionate and thorough way.

Top notch people and podcast
Wow! If you have follow Detective Sergeant Chris’s career you know what an amazing person and detective he is. Add a beautiful defense attorney that is sweet and mild on the outside, but a fierce warrior on the inside. Put these 2 together and you have a dynamic team! They truly care about helping others. They literally put their heart and soul into everything they do. If you have not watched Reasonable Doubt, you are missing a great lesson on the law, humanity, compassion, love and sometimes ignorance. They tell the families the truth. They sometimes get told off but they are still respectful. And sometimes they get upset and you see their feisty side come out. Sad when the show was not renewed but so glad they decided to do this amazing podcast. We the public can learn so much from their combined experiences. Give it a try, I guarantee you will be hooked after the first episode. Great job Chris and Fatima!

My favorites
Christopher and Fatima work so well together. I love watching Reasonable Doubt. To have a podcast to listen to, that’s the icing on the cake. I’ve been a fan of Christopher Anderson since he was a homicide detective in Birmingham. His #1 fan