Feb. 8, 2023

The Disappearance of Ana Walshe with Professor of Forensic Psychology, Dr. Katherine Ramsland

The Disappearance of Ana Walshe with Professor of Forensic Psychology, Dr. Katherine Ramsland
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Crime & Cookie Juice

On January 4, 2023, real estate executive and mother of three, Ana Walshe, was reported missing by her employer and, separately, by her husband, Brian Walshe. She was last seen early on January 1, having had dinner with Brian and a friend of his on New Year's Eve. After an initial arrest on January 8 for misleading investigators, Brian was charged on January 18 with murder and disinterring a body without authority, to which he pleaded not guilty; prosecutors allege that he beat her to death and dismembered and disposed of her body.

Chris & Fatima discuss the strengths and weaknesses in the case against Brian Walshe, and ask Dr. Katherine Ramsland, a Professor in Forensic Psychology, about signs of a dangerous relationship.

About Dr. Katherine Ramsland:

Dr. Katherine Ramsland teaches forensic psychology at DeSales University in Pennsylvania, where she is the Assistant Provost. She has appeared as an expert in criminal psychology on more than 200 crime documentaries and magazine shows, is an executive producer of Murder House Flip, and has consulted for CSI, Bones, and The Alienist. The author of more than 1,500 articles and 69 books, including The Forensic Science of CSI, The Forensic Psychology of Criminal Minds, How to Catch a Killer, The Psychology of Death Investigations, and Confession of a Serial Killer: The Untold Story of Dennis Rader, The BTK Killer, she was co-executive producer for the Wolf Entertainment/A&E four-part documentary, BTK: Confession of a Serial Killer, based on the years she spent talking with Dennis Rader. Ramsland also consults on death investigations, offers trainings for law enforcement, pens a blog for Psychology Today, and is currently writing a fiction series based on a female forensic psychologist who manages a private investigation agency.

Join the stars of ID's hit show, Reasonable Doubt, Detective Chris Anderson and Fatima Silva, Esq. for the podcast that fans have been waiting for. Chris and Fatima talk all things true crime, including cases they investigated on Reasonable Doubt.

About Chris Anderson and Fatima Silva:

Retired homicide detective Chris Anderson and criminal defense attorney Fatima Silva have spent years helping desperate families who believe their loved ones were wrongfully convicted of murder. In their new podcast, Crime & Cookie Juice, Chris and Fatima talk about cases that they are passionate about while enjoying their favorite glass of "Cookie Juice" aka bourbon. Join Chris and Fatima as they pour their bourbon and pore into evidence.

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