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Must listen for true crime fans
Wow! One of the best podcasts I’ve listened to and I’ve listened to many. Great narration and enthralling subject matter. A must listen-Just wow.

Intriguing and Irritating
Amazing production - story telling, editing, soundtrack! Stories of the miscarriages of justice and judicial misconduct are hard to hear. It’s so important that cases like this are shared to spread awareness that those who are supposed to be the good guys sometimes turn out being the bad guys. Thank you for the great work!

One of the best....
Incredibly well-done and thoroughly investigated true crime podcast. Great work- and thanks for bringing light to this tragic wrongful conviction. The justice system sadly failed Leo Schofield.

Excellent production! Engaging storytelling!

Riveting. Masterfully told.
Bone Valley is a top notch true crime podcast in every way. Riveting story with incredible twists & turns. Masterfully told by intelligent & likable hosts. Compelling characters & true injustice that gets me deep & is hard to shake. Highly recommend!

Looking forward to each episode!
I literally can’t wait to listen to each new episode. Storyline is well organized and thoughtfully written. Highly recommend!!!

I just listened to episode 4 and I am truly amazed at the reporting, writing, and interviews. The production is so well done. Worth a listen!

I don’t normally write reviews and I never subscribe (I’m cheap), but I wanted to commend y’all. I love this! It is so well done.

Top notch!
Stellar investigatory podcast! Every episode is intriguing. Hoping for justice, for Michelle and Leo.

Excellent journalism. Outrageous injustice.

Investigations at their BEST!
I don’t usually write reviews but I love true crime investigations that do it right! Fantastic!

Gripping, Amazing narrative, and 1000% BingeWorthy!
This podcast is so good, I actually got a subscription to Lava so I could binge it all. Born and raised in FL with a husband who has gone through the criminal justice system in this awful state, this podcast hits close to home. I haven’t finished it, but I pray Leo is free in the end! Thank you for your research and investigations and bringing to light yet again, another innocent person in FL system.

More of this.
There are so many such stories to tell about Florida’s chronically broken criminal “justice” system. This crooked state prefers to lock of people it doesn’t like, rather than people it is afraid of. So if you poor, or black, or have long hair or whatever it is that day, you have a pretty good chance to go to prison for something you didn’t have anything to do with.

Professional and highly addictive!
It’s always such a relief to try a new pod and it turns out to be sooooooo good.

Absolutely stellar reporting!

Excellent investigation ❣️
Only three episodes in and I’m absolutely hooked! What a tearjerker. Amazing investigative work. thanks for bringing light to another criminal justice tragedy. keep up the great work!

Good job !!!

Love this podcast I listen to the 2020 episode and I am absolutely hooked on this case. I love this great country we live in but how our government whether it be state local or federal can standby and know that a man is in prison serving a life sentence for something that he did not do his disappointing to me. There has to be someway for all of us to pull together to try to write wrongs like this I just want to know how I can help write these wrongs so these people don’t waste their life staying in prison forever this man did not kill his wife there’s no way he killed his wife there’s so much conflicting evidence that I don’t know how they got a conviction.Great podcast great writer great researcher I just want to know what I can do to help

Great insight into our failed justice system
Love this show!! Very intriguing and well laid out. Also love how they give some history on Bone Valley in Florida itself. This podcast really makes you question just how many other people are locked up on circumstantial evidence and no hard evidence. The justice system needs to take a hard look at themselves / processes & we need more people like the judge at the beginning of this story.

So good!
This podcast is so good!! I can’t wait to hear more episodes.

A great listen!
Amazing research and fantastic storytelling. Looking forward to the next release!

Leo did it!
And his father!! Nothing is changing my mind!!

Thank you for fighting for him
This is awesome and I just watched the 2020 show I can’t believe that he doesn’t get out with a new trial. was any scraping underneath Michelle’s nails since she probably did fight with the guy that was in the car who left the fingerprints I wish you all the best

Must listen!!
True crime podcasts in general have me in a chokehold— and this one is so good! Listening to interviews with the people of this story is incredible.

Incredible podcast. Riveting.
Gilbert always tells the most gripping and wild stories and these first few episodes are true to form. Cannot wait to listen on!

Bone valley
Thank you for giving this case the time and attention it deserves. So many things here do not add up. This case grips you at your very core. The story it’s self will keep you engaged and intrigue at the edge of your seat wanting more.

Really good
Easy to follow. Well laid out and entertaining.