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As good as it gets when it comes to true crime podcasts.

Just wait a week for the next episode to be free!!
The new episodes are subscription, then after a week they become free. Just be patient. They are not ripping you off, they are just offering an incentive for people who pay for the content. Either pay, or just be patient. This content is sooo well done and the story is so important.

Bone Valley
BRAVO… I savored the final episode just now. Gotta a lot to process on this one! Thank You Gilbert & Kelsey for bringing this astounding story to us in such a gripping way. I’ll be tracking along on this one… with love and admiration - and a lot of prayer and good wishes for Leo. I’m looking forward to watching the ripple effects this story of redemption can conclude with… FREEDOM FOR LEO. This story gives us a down payment on the price of redemption… grinding down on the truth - the reward of which will be Leo’s freedom!

Great work!
Very interesting and well put together.

This is a riveting podcast! It has been done so well! LEO DESERVES FREEDOM…it is completely obvious that he is innocent! There is PROOF of his innocence!

Loved it
Great story!

Well done. Heartbreaking, infuriating and a story that needed to be told. Thank you.

It’s not behind a paywall, friends
This podcast is perfection. Please note that the subscription is only required for EARLY ACCESS. Be patient, wait a few days, and the episodes will be available for free. My goodness, people are quick to jump to the wrong conclusion.

The best!!!
Heart wrenching and an outrage what these dirty police and the prosecution did to this poor man. I’m guessing this podcast is going to change this!!!!God bless Leo and his family. This story is the epitome of Faith,Hope and Love

Excellent podcast
Probably the best podcast in years.

Top True Crime Podcast
To echo everyone else, I listen to podcasts daily and this is simply one of the best. Gripping story and masterful psychological portrait of all the human beings this horrible crime has touched. Florida prosecutors’ and judges’ corruption, blatant Mischaracterization of facts, and persistent confirmation bias are bone chilling. As election season looms, let this be a reminder to all of us to vote carefully for our AGs and local judges.

Excellent podcast
This is one of the best podcasts I have ever listened too. Listening to Leo talk about the days leading up to and the day they found Michelle is gut wrenching. Just listening to that, who in their right mind would think he killed her? The state of Florida should be ashamed and embarrassed. FREE Leo now

Amazing story! I just wished the outcome was better. Leo deserves to be free! It’s a shame how corrupt the Justice system can be.

Great podcast, but so frustrating! I can’t believe that the judges, law enforcement and parole board would deny Leo his freedom over and over again.

Leo’s story is tragic and the story is well-told. I think it’s funny how much the host curses in casual conversation. 😂 An absolute potty-mouth and I love it.

You have to listen to this
You just have to. A perfectly told story, and an important one…but so, so goddamn sad. Excellent reporting. Excellent writing.

Amazing podcast
I have hope like adnan Leo will soon be home in Jesus name.. It will happen. Leo pls hold on God has a miracle coming!!! This podcast touched my soul and I would recommend we spread it around so the right people will hear this!! Justice will be served!! Hold on Leo

Amazing story!
I cannot believe that these people get away with this, how they forget who they serve…the people 😠 The story is sad and heart breaking, but so well told. I don’t ever join anything, however, I joined this podcast. Thank you for the work you guys did. I am also heartbroken for Jeremy, how sad that he never had a chance in life 😢

Bone Valley
One of the BEST podcast I’ve ever listen to! Prayers for Leo and his family. Leo is such an inspiration after listening to this about his story and the murder of wife. Florida Judicial system should be ashamed!

Decker-King … for Theeeeee WIN!
These 2 are a POWERHOUSE together! This may be the True Crime podcast of 2022! Seriously !!

Fantastic 💯
I, like so many others, am true crime enthusiast who really appreciates a good podcast. This is one of the best serialized podcasts I’ve listened to. Excellent reporting and interviews. My favorite thing about it is that the host doesn’t rehash the storyline over and over just to fill in space to produce episodes. He speaks clearly and the show has a great flow, easy and enjoyable to listen to. The story itself is heartbreaking, yet inspirational. Thank you for sharing this story.

Unbelievable podcast
I have listened to a few true crime pods and most are not all that good. This one, however, is different. Very well done in all of the investigations that the podcasters have shown. I have lived in Florida for almost 60 years and the description of law enforcement in central Florida is spot on. Not many professional officers in the 70’s and 80’s. That is beginning to change with the influx of new citizens here especially in central Florida. I hope Leo gets pardoned and gets to go home. He deserves it

So well done!
This story is so unbelievably heartbreaking! My thoughts and prayers go out to this poor family (these FAMILIES) suffering from this injustice! Law abiding citizens want to trust our Justice system but crooked, haughty, prideful, power hungry people ruin it all! OWN UP TO YOUR MISTAKES! YOU GOT IT WRONG!! Let Leo GO!!!! Enough is enough!! Exodus 23:7

So good
I pray for Leo

What an incredible podcast. It will leave you feeling heartbroken, angry, in disbelief, and with hope. I cannot say enough on the hosts and creators of the podcast: the time and energy put in to this investigation - INCREDIBLE! I will definitely continue to follow news on Leo and his family.

Broke my heart to listen to
I’ve never written a review for a podcast, but I felt compelled to write one for this one. This is such a heart breaking story. The final episode brought me to tears. I hope there is a day where Leo can enjoy his family outside the prison walls.

Maddening and Captivating
Please do an episode about how those with authority in Leo’s case can be held professionally accountable for their pride and ambivalence, which stands in the way of justice far too often.

Incredible journalism
This is just a fantastic podcast for fans of shows like Serial, Murder in Illinois or Murder in Oregon, Up and Vanished, and In The Dark. The depth and integrity of the investigative journalism, the clear and compelling narrative style, and the interplay of Gilbert and Kelsey are all A . Hopefully, the attention the podcast is bringing to this case will help bring justice and closure to Leo and to Michele’s family.

Awesome podcast!!!
Great story teller! Great job investigating!

Keep it up!!!!
Omg guys PLEASE keep going for Leo, what an unbelievable miscarriage of justice !! I wish I could help in some way ! Public pressure needs to be put on the District attorneys office about a new trial ! Protests, sits ins , whatever it takes ! Let them know this is not going away until they do the right thing ! This is one case that sticks with me . It stays on my mind . No human being should have their whole life taken away due to a DA that only wants to rack up the wins! Corruption at its finest ! Start asking people to get involved ! I would love to do a justice for Leo social media page. The more people who know , the more people will be outraged. When people are outraged they take action! Bless you both 🙏🏻