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Nov. 3, 2020

Tips to Nourish Success Through Happiness and Identifying Purpose, episode 4

What's your personal wellness crisis plan when things don't go your way?



Mark Mohammadpour, APR, an accredited senior communications executive, certified health coach, personal trainer, and founder of Chasing the Sun Health Coaching, joins Sarah Panus on today's podcast episode to discuss tips to succeed in your career by focusing on your personal happiness and identifying your purpose. Like you, he is no stranger to the crazy world of communications, PR and marketing. He’s taken his years of experience in PR and transitioned that to do wellness coaching specifically for communication professionals, like you! He’s a great example of turning your mess into your message.

Topics Discussed During This Episode

  • Mark's journey losing 150 pounds and transitioning from PR exec to business owner who now coaches communication professionals and teams to be healthier and happier in their lives.

  • Why Communications jobs rank among most stressful.

  • Are you truly an advocate for the companies, people, and clients who are paying you?

  • Common health challenges Mark sees marketers/communication pros making.

  • Along with group and 1:1 coaching, Mark also leads wellness workshops with corporate teams. How has COVID-19 impacted the team dynamic, and what advice do Mark offer teams to prioritize their health and wellness while still working to meet business goals during this crazy time?

  • What kind of mindset shifts need to happen for me and anyone listening who also struggles with their weight –overweight or underweight-- or aren’t as healthy as they want to be?

  • Mark is amazing at getting daily movement. Learn his simple ways to move more during your day.

  • How to create your own personal crisis plan.

  • Ends with a tactical and actionable tip you can start doing right away to be healthier, happier and identify your purpose.

4 Main Health Points Mark Teaches TEAMS

  1. We are all role models and influencer people.

  2. Get tactical. What is in your control when it comes to your health & wellness? Examples can be auditing your calendar to reduce meeting times, not being on video for all of your meetings, think about something with your food

  3. Make time for yourself. If you don't, someone will take your time from you.

  4. What's your own personal crisis plan when things don't go your way? What's your backup plan when something happens that prevents/derails you from going to your yoga class/eating your healthy dinner/it rains when you were going to walk outside, etc? What are you going to do to ensure you're able to do something for your health. Think proactively. If this happens, what am I going to do as a result? May be you give yourself grace and do it tomorrow. Or, you decide you'll wake up early tomorrow morning to do it instead. Or, you'll go for a walk after dinner tonight instead of going to that class.


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