June 17, 2022

Ghosts of Scotland- Tales Deep From Within Castle Walls

Ghosts of Scotland- Tales Deep From Within Castle Walls

A variety of ghosts are to be found in the houses, castle, inns, moors, lochs and ruins of Haunted Scotland. Scotland has always been a divided nation and its history is spattered with the blood of countless conflicts.

Vestiges of Scotland's stormy past are to be found all over the country and nowhere is it more apparent than in the haunted, ruined castles of Scotland.

These ruined fortresses - silent reminders of old and bitter conflicts - stud the Scottish landscape.

From the gentle farmlands of the Central Lowlands to wild Empty lands of Europe's last great wilderness in the country's Northwest, Scotland's abandoned castles stand as sullen witnesses to centuries of conflict and bloodshed, and the ghosts that wander their timeworn corridors and historic rooms are perpetual reminders of a violent and stormy past.

Behind the sombre walls of these impressive bastions, Kings and Queens, Lairds and Ladies, Highlanders and Lowlanders, the famous and the long forgotten, continue to inhabit an ethereal domain where old feuds and differences have never died, and where dastardly deeds and ancient discords occasionally cross the centuries to baffle and astonish those who happen to stumble upon their ghostly re-enactments.

In today's episode we explore some of this stormy past and the ghost lore that survives it....

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