July 6, 2022

This Was Slightly Less On Fire When I Left...

This Was Slightly Less On Fire When I Left...

We're back! In this episode I'll be sharing what I've been up to on my break, what I have planned for this season of the podcast, and I'll be talking about a really rough day I had last week in the wake of Roe vs Wade being overturned.

Letters for the Fire is back in Season 4! This is a listener participation project. I am inviting survivors to write a letter to their r*pist or abuser and then send it to me. It's is my hope that this will help others with catharsis and closure. I want you to feel heard and to have control over the way that you're heard. 
You can listen to the Letters for the Fire episode from Season 3 and check out this link to learn more about the project and how to participate:

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