Feb. 22, 2022

#152: Piotr Sierzputowski – The Modern Day Coach

#152: Piotr Sierzputowski – The Modern Day Coach

In today´s episode we speak to Piotr Sierzputowski, the former coach of top 5 WTA player Iga Swiatek.

Piotr was Iga´s coach from age 15 to 20, guiding her from top junior to a career high of 4 in the WTA rankings. 

Iga became the first Polish player to win a Grand Slam title at the 2020 French Open, when she lifted the trophy at just 19 years old. Piotr was also just 27.

She went onto win 2 WTA events in 2020, qualifying for the WTA finals. That same year Piotr was named the WTA Coach of the Year.

They recently parted ways, and in his chat with Dan, Piotr reflects on their split, and 5 years working together.

He also gives amazing insight into his coaching philosophy, how he brought together Iga´s team and why he wasn´t afraid to hire people who had more skills than him.

Episode Highlights:-

  • How Piotr first started working with Iga despite being a young, inexperienced Coach.
  • He talks through Iga´s win at Roland Garros in 2020.
  • Why it´s so important for Coaches to put their ego´s aside and listen to their players.
  • Why you shouldn´t change the team around a player, if everything is working well.
  • Why he thinks the team around Iga was so crucial to her early success.
  • How he uses data analysis as a development tool for players, and to help keep training fresh.

Read full show notes here. 

A quote from Piotr Sierzputowski from the Control the Controllables Podcast

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