Oct. 7, 2020

Episode 66: Kris Soutar - Mr. Tennis

Episode 66: Kris Soutar - Mr. Tennis

Kris Soutar has dedicated his life to tennis in one form or another. From coaching International Players to coaching parents how to coach, he has worked across the spectrum, but always to a very high level. 

Kris was part of the Scottish National team when Andy and Jamie Murray were coming through the junior ranks. He now works very closely with Judy Murray for her foundation and other projects.

Kris is a tennis coach who has inside knowledge behind the scenes and who shares his story and philosophies in an articulate manner. Lots of learning to take from this one!

Twitter: @krissoutar

Podcast: Kris Soutar´s Tennis Journal, The Podcast

YouTube: Kris Soutar´s Tennis Journal