March 7, 2021

Episode 104: John Cavill - Remote School

Episode 104: John Cavill - Remote School

John Cavill is an inspiration to us all, as he creates opportunities for coaches and clubs across the UK through bringing remote ‘tennis’ classes to thousands and thousands of school kids in the UK. This is where it all starts in our sport. 

Not only has the initiative created lots of local media attention but John has recently featured on BBC Breakfast, BBC Look East and ITV Anglia. Tennis Works is now involved in raising funds for Comic Relief through the Red Nose Tennis Challenge and hope that children and adults across the country will get involved.

Listen to how John is now working with over 2000 schools a week through lockdown and get involved in his Red Nose Day challenge!

You can donate to the Red Nose Day Challenge here!

Email John to get involved in the Red Nose Day Challenge:


Twitter: @tennisunlocked

Instagram: @tennis.unlocked