May 10, 2022

#161: Dalma Gálfi – Breaking into the world´s top 100

#161: Dalma Gálfi – Breaking into the world´s top 100

Dalma Gálfi is a former World junior number 1 and Junior Grand Slam champion.

Dalma had a strong start to her Pro career, quickly rising up the WTA rankings to 136 in the world aged just 19.

After a challenging 4 years, the 23-year-old from Hungary has just broken into the top 100 for the first time.

In this episode, Dalma tells us about the pressures and expectations she faced moving into the pro game after her success as a Junior, and why she wouldn´t change a thing.

Pro tennis player Dalma Galfi speaks to the Control the Controllables Podcast

Episode Highlights:-

  • Dalma describes her feelings of relief at becoming a top 100 player.
  • Why quick success at a young age isn´t always beneficial.
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic helped give her perspective on her tennis career.
  • The differences she sees between Hungarian and British tennis cultures.
  • Dealing with the media pressures and expectations that comes with being world junior number 1.
  • Her advice for up and coming players moving into the pro game.

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