Podpage vs. Podcastpage

Compare Podpage and Podcastpage and choose the website service that's right for your podcast.

Side by Side Comparison

Super detailed comparison lists are silly because they're always biased and out of date. But here's a quick overview of the differences.
Instant Setup

Your podcast website will be ready almost instantly, pulling all necessary content from your podcast feed and podcasting websites.

Built-in Automation

Your website stays up to date without the use of additional services or plugins, which often break or need maintenance.

Podcaster Focused

The world's best episode pages, transcript and chapter importing, quicklinks, player badges, media players, and more just for you.

Recommended by Podcasters

When asked about the best podcast website builder, the majority of podcasters recommend this.

Recommended by Industry Leaders

When asked about the best podcast website builder, industry leaders recommend this.

Phone Support

Having an issue or need some help? We're happy to jump on audio or video chat and make sure you're successful.

Focused Design Customization

Customization designed to be effective and easy to use, not hard to use or unnecessary.

Podcasters recommend Podpage over Podcastpage

These are real conversations in unaffiliated podcasting Facebook groups where podcasters seek advice from each other.

Vladimir Riché

I'm looking to create my podcast website. Any thoughts between Podpage vs Podcastpage? Right now I'm leaning towards the latter.

Sara Lohse

I've had a great experience with Podpage

Mike Cavaggioni

I use Podpage and my editing team recommends Podpage to the clients they service too!

Rich Bennett

I'm in the process of converting over to the Pro version of Podpage and love it

Wendy Coop

PodPage is super easy.

Lyndsay Williams

I've just created another podpage website for my second podcast. It was up and running in no time 🙌🔥

Michael L. Gonzalez

Podpage has been terrific with great customer support. Can't imagine any easier way to create and maintain a website.

Zac Miller

Podpage for sure. Great SEO optimization baked in. The other site is a far second.

Glenn Hebert

Podpage! Easy and customer service is great!

Pamela Woodson

Podpage is amazing! Not sure about the other one!

Dave Jackson

Podpage is amazing (and has some new features coming soon). I have a free courses on it (DM me if you're interested). From what I've seen, you can do a bit more with the look of your site with Podcast Page (every so slightly more) not that Podpage sites are ugly. I have 5 different sites that use Podpage. I just scheduled an episode for two days from now, and I'm done. I know when I wake up on Wenesday the episode will be there and my permalink is in place. Neither one is bad.

Shanna Hopper Tippit

I am wanting to build a website for my podcast. I am really interested in using Podpage to build it. My questions are have you used them for your website and if you did what did you like about it? Was it easy to build? Does it really intuitively find your podcast and upload it? Have you seen your audience grow by having a website?

Robb Smith

Podpage is THE easiest way to get a great looking site up. You can have one in about 5 minutes. It works off your rss feed so once you get it looking the way you want you really can “set it and forget it” if you wanted but they keep coming out with great tools to help you engage with your audience besides just posting your latest episode. But even if you do just that you can have it post latest episodes to your socials automatically!

John Kelley

I can't speak highly enough of PodPage. I did it on a whim just to check it out and it was setup in minutes. Then, I spent hours fully customizing it and using it after I bought the Pro package. Now, I have upgraded to Elite. It is so simple to use, but if you need help setting it up and optimizing it, I would be happy to do so at a much cheaper rate than my agency charges to build custom websites.

Tim Balogh

Podpage is an incredible platform. One of 2 tools that I consider worth the investment for my podcast. I signed up with them I think around 3 years ago? It takes just minutes to set up, but if you're like me you'll spend time customizing it, adding features like embedded donation widgets, voicemail, guest intake forms, customer episode signatures, videos, the list goes on and on. It's the fastest way to creating a professional looking site that helps you grow and engage with your audience.

Glenn Gabriel

Who has their podcast's web site on Podpage? I'd like to upgrade from the Buzzsprout default site, but I don't want to learn Wordpress. My primary purpose for upgrading would be to grow my own email list. Would appreciate any feedback about Podpage. I already have my domain but right now it only redirects to my Buzzsprout page.

Robb Smith

Podpage is fantastic. I just released a podcast episode about it last week, but it's my new go-to solution for podcast websites.

Todd Middlebrooks

I had originally setup a Wordpress site for my podcast, but after discovering Podpage, I realized it is a much easier and more automated option for a podcast website. I'm still only using the free version, but really appreciate the ease of use.

Kristene Caldwell

I've been using podpage for a few months now. I struggle with the technical aspects and Podpage was super easy for me. Brenden is really helpful and responsive. I upgraded my site so I can link to my email marketing platform, merch, and the reviews page. It's incredibly easy and affordable.

Stephanie Chambliss Gaffin

Huge fan of podpage! I was able to use my own custom domain and they were awesome on support helping me get all the DNS stuff set up.

Nigel Beckles

I have been using Podpage for a few months and it is FANTASTIC! Brenden is super helpful. I currently promote Podpage during my Podcasts. I highly recommend checking Podpage out.

Eric Salazar

I love Podpage

Brent Allen

We use pod page for both of our podcasts, and it's really great. I can integrate live streams, and all the other things. And I'm HTML-5tupid.

Krista Farmer Dykes

Eva Sheie Kiser

I don’t have experience with the 2nd one, but Podpage is hands down one of the best digital products I’ve ever used and I would recommend it to anyone.

Brent Hand

Podpage has been fantastic. I have used it for a couple years now without issue and it saves me so much time and money.

Tim Balogh

Podpage is incredible, Podcastpage just steals whatever podpage is doing.

Top 3 reasons why podcasters choose Podpage

We asked podcasters why they chose Podpage over Podcastpage for their podcast website. These were the top reasons.


Podpage automatically updates your website with your latest episodes, show notes, reviews, video, and more.

Updating my website each time I launched a new episode created yet another barrier around publishing new episodes. The ease & automation of Podpage along with knowing it focuses on SEO for me made it a no-brainer.
Shay Leonia - The Millennial Musician Podcast


Podpage has the world's most beautiful podcast website templates, available to all plans at no extra charge.

The website design is absolutely gorgeous. Seriously, it looks as if it came from a top graphic design firm in NYC and cost a small fortune. Everybody who sees my website comments on it.
Steven Kunes - Over My Dead Body

Ease of Use

You can create a beautiful, professional website in 5 minutes with no coding or technical knowledge.

I LOVE how easy podpage is. I literally don't have to do anything - just upload my episode and BOOM. It's there, looking beautiful and so easy to share as anyone can click on whatever platform they want to listen to from one link.
Alice Rose - Fertility Life Raft

Industry leaders universally recommend Podpage

These are the people who know podcasting best. They've tried all the options and they recommend Podpage.

"Podpage looked at what podcasters needed, and then gave it to us. It's simple. It's powerful, and makes great looking websites."

school of podcasting logo

"Podpage is perfect for podcasters who want the best possible podcast website, for the minimum amount of time, cost, and technical know-how."

the podcast host logo

Just try it. It'll take 5 minutes.

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Create your podcast website made specifically for Podcasters

Unlock an easy-to-use suite of tools to have your very own podcast website that feature all this and more!

Episode Pages. Automatically created, search engine optimized pages for every episode.

Media Players. Podpage automatically uses your podcast host's media player.

Transcripts. Display your episode's transcript alongside your show notes.

Guest Profiles. Create pages and profiles for all of your guests.

screenshot of recent episodes of business casual on the podcast website page

No technical knowledge necessary

Whether you've coded a website for podcasts before or not, the Podpage podcast website builder is intuitive, fast, and efficient.

Instant. Build out your podcast website in a matter of minutes, not weeks.

Automated. Your Podpage will automatically update whenever you release a new episode.

Easy. Our customers constantly rave about how much easier Podpage is than Wordpress.

podpage podcast website builder screenshot showing user experience

Engage with your audience

With a powerful array of podcast website tools, your show will shine. With our PRO plan, you'll be able to build traffic to your website with custom pages, blogs, redirects, analytics, and much more!

Mailing List. Collect email addresses for your mailing list to contact your listeners directly.

Contact Form. Make it easy for your listeners to send you an email.

Comments. Encourage listeners to discuss and comment on every episode.

Voicemails. Ask listeners to send you voicemails to play on your show.

screenshot for the being dad podcast website voicemail functionality

Our podcast websites get results

Hear directly from customers about how impactful moving to Podpage was for them. These stories and our reviews show just a small sample size of the tens of thousands of podcasters who trust Podpage for the best podcasting sites on the web.

Integrated with the best podcast tools and services

Podpage works with all the companies trying to make your podcast more successful. From podcast hosting and streaming solutions to podcast analytics, review capture, and monetizing your show, you'll have everything you need right at your fingertips.

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Build an email list with Aweber, ConvertKit, Mailchimp

Podpage makes it easy to capture your listeners emails to build a better relationship.

email list building for podcast websites screenshot from podpage
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Track analytics with Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Add your tracking code or pixel to your website to measure traffic or build advertising audiences.

google analytics screenshot showing podcast analytics
logo logo

Import and share reviews from Apple Podcasts and Podchaser

Podpage imports all your reviews and shows the best ones on your website.

screenshot of the kevin rose show podcast website link on apple podcasts
logo logo logo

Monetize your audience with Patreon, Supercast, BuyMeACoffee, and more

Link to your platform of choice for asking your listeners to support your podcast.

screenshot of how canadaland podcast monetization works

Build a podcast website in 5 minutes.

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