Introducing the Podpage Legacy Plan [Updated]

[Updated] We no longer offer this plan.

Update: After launching this in 2021, the feedback we got from most podcasters is that they didn't care about leaving their website up if they cancelled their show. So, we discontinued offering this plan in early 2022.

Podcasting is hard. Usually, harder than people think it'll be. It takes a lot of effort and expense to produce a show every week/month, and sometimes, it just doesn't make sense to continue. That's okay. That's life.

The number one reason people cancel their Podpage account is because they've decided to end their podcast. We of course help the user cancel the account, delete the website, etc... But it's always a sad moment because it feels like so much creativity is erased.

Today, Podpage is excited to announce the Legacy plan.

The Legacy plan is created to serve podcasters who have decided to end their podcast, but still want to show off their work on a great looking website at their own domain name. It's a website that serves as a high quality archive for the podcast, without costing a lot to run every year.

How it works

Podpage Legacy has the features of the Pro website, with no new content creation.

  • It is a fully customizable website, all your episodes, all your reviews, custom pages, your old blog, a storefront, and more.
  • It continues to be indexed in Google and discoverable by listeners.
  • It does not continue to import episodes or reviews, and you can't add new blog posts, receive voicemails, collect email addresses, etc...

Essentially, it shows all your old content, and serves as an archive.

Note: A podcast will still need some kind of active podcast host / RSS feed to host your actual audio files.


Many people stop podcasting because it's too expensive, so it's important to make this plan affordable. We're offering Podpage Legacy for $20/year. We want to make this accessible to as many podcasters as possible, and think $20 should be well worth it to keep your website alive.

To sign up, just create a Podpage and choose the Legacy plan. We'll import all your episodes and reviews, give you a chance to do all the upgrades you need, connect your domain, and be really proud of the content you created.

🙏 Thank you for putting great content into the world.

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