Spotlight: Danger Close with Jack Carr

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This week, we're highlighting the podcast Danger Close hosted by former Navy SEAL and best-selling author Jack Carr. Episodes feature conversations with historians, experts, entrepreneurs, writers, and newsmakers about their experiences serving in high-conflict areas worldwide.

Let's break down more of the elements that have made Danger Close such a popular show.

About the host: Jack Carr

Jack Carr is a former Navy SEAL and #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Terminal List series. After serving 20 years in the US military, Jack has become one of the most respected authorities on war, conflict, and weapons. With his unique perspective on the world, he brings his firsthand experience to stories about those who have faced danger and lived to tell the tale. He currently lives with his wife and children in Park City, Utah.

Episode highlights, format, and website 

Danger Close has done a great job of including memorable segments and enough structure to make each episode an interesting listening experience. Here are some of our observations.

Episode highlights

Episodes typically start off with a story from Jack's own experience, giving listeners an insight into what life was like for him in the military. From there, he dives into interviews with veterans and experts on topics such as weapons, combat tactics, and war history. He also covers current events and the latest technology in the world of defense.

In each episode, Jack covers topics such as historical battles, weapons reviews, special ops operations, and tactics for survival on dangerous missions. He also often interviews veterans about their experiences in war and does deep dives into stories from his own life as a Navy SEAL.

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Episode format

Danger Close typically consists of long-form content, with some episodes over two hours long. The format encompasses in-depth interviews with veterans, thoughtful analysis, and personal stories. There are no specific segments within the podcast. Instead, it follows Jack Carr's conversational style as he walks his listeners through the stories of veterans.

Podcast website

On Jack Carr's homepage, he his latest episodes, featuring images and summaries of each episode so that new listeners can quickly get an idea of what they’ll be listening to. He also includes a “Featured Stories” section that highlights some of the more notable episodes in his catalog, giving listeners the opportunity to dive deeper into Danger Close.

The website includes a variety of other features, such as links to Jack Carr’s social media profiles, his bestselling books, and a merchandise page with an email opt-in.

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Noteworthy episodes and key takeaways

A noteworthy episode on Danger Close is one by Tony Blauer called "Know Fear". In this episode, Jack Carr interviews Tony Blauer about his work with the military on developing new tactics for combative training. They discuss how to react in combat situations and why it's important to face fear rather than run away from it.

Another stand-out episode is one called "The Parasitic Mind." This episode features evolutionary behavioral scientist, Dr. Gad Saad about the psychology of war, exploring why people fight and what motivates them to do so. The conversation covers topics such as PTSD, survivor's guilt, morality in war, and how culture can shape military decisions.

Key takeaways: What makes this show popular?

Part of the appeal of Danger Close is that it's an immersive podcast from the point of view of an expert who is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter. The podcast is praised for its in-depth interviews, thoughtful analysis, and personal stories that give listeners an understanding of military life beyond surface-level topics.

Danger Close launched on March 9, 2021. It has steadily grown its listenership to one of the most popular military-focused podcasts on the airwaves.

Listeners of Danger Close love the unique insight that Carr brings to each episode. His experience as a former Navy SEAL allows him to give an in-depth look at war, conflict, and weapons from the soldier's perspective.


By combining his storytelling skills with an in-depth understanding of military life, Jack Carr has created a podcast that is both informative and entertaining. Danger Close offers listeners an immersive experience that is unique from many others in its genre.

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