The Top 10 Best Sports Podcasts

Whether you’re looking for sports stories, fantasy football analysis, or just want to follow the latest ESPN personality, here are the best sports podcasts to listen to.

Let’s face it: sports radio shows didn’t die, they just went online. Today, some of the best analysis, most riveting stories, and most passionate discussions about your favorite games can be found on podcasts.

Whether you're looking for expert analysis, player interviews, or just a good laugh with some sports banter, our list of the 10 best sports podcasts has got you covered. So, plug in your headphones, and let's dive into the world of sports podcasts that are a must-listen for any sports fan!


Best Sports Podcasts

From football to soccer, whatever your favorite sport, there’s a podcast out there that will give you the latest news.

#1. Bill Simmons Podcast

In the “most downloaded sports podcast of all time,” HBO’s Bill Simmons covers sports and pop culture with an approachable sense of humor that’s sure to engage any sports fan.

Notable guests include greats from the world of sports—such as Kevin Durant, Charles Barkley, and Bob Costas—as well as other entertainers like Will Ferrell and Jimmy Kimmel.

#2. The Pat McAfee Show

For those who enjoy listening to football podcasts as part of their daily commute, weekly episodes just aren’t enough. Thankfully, The Pat McAfee Show airs episodes Monday through Friday so football fans can get a daily download of what’s going on in the NFL.

A rotating team of co-hosts keeps the series fresh and interesting.

#3. New Heights With Jason and Travis Kelce

Hosted by NFL stars (and brothers) Jason and Travis Kelce, New Heights offers more than insightful football analysis and behind-the-scenes commentary. The show occasionally delves into the personal lives of this sibling duo, a dynamic that adds a unique layer of interest to an already riveting podcast.

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#4.ESPN Daily

Hosted by award-winning journalist Pablo Torre, ESPN Daily offers in-depth analysis, expert commentary, and compelling stories from the world of sports.

ESPN Daily is appreciated for its ability to blend detailed sports analysis with engaging narratives, making it appealing to both serious sports fans and casual listeners. The podcast covers a wide range of sports, making it a go-to source for daily sports news and stories.

#5. All the Smoke

This weekly podcast, hosted by former NBA players Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, offers an unflinching (and occasionally controversial) look at the world of basketball from an insider’s perspective.

Whether you’re an NBA fan who loves hot takes, or just love to engage in sports talk, All the Smoke will offer plenty of fuel for your next conversation.

#6. The Mina Kimes Show featuring Lenny

Longtime listeners of ESPN Daily may recognize the name Mina Kimes; this time, she’s joined by her dog, Lenny, to talk all things football!

Combining insightful football analysis with a dry sense of humor, Kimes’ take is a refreshing one that fans are sure to love.

#7. 30 For 30 Podcasts

An extension of ESPN's acclaimed "30 for 30" documentary series, the podcast is known for deep dives into the world of sports, offering exceptional storytelling and thorough research that goes beyond the scores and statistics.

This documentary-style podcast sheds light on the human element, cultural significance, and historical context of a wide range of sports events and personalities.

#8. Men In Blazers

Hosted by Roger Bennett and Michael Davies, “Men In Blazers” offers a witty and unique perspective on the English Premier League.

A lighthearted and often humorous approach to soccer commentary, combined with a selection of guests from the world of sports and entertainment, the podcast is a favorite of those who are new to the sport as well as dedicated soccer fans.

#9. Talkin’ Baseball

Hosted by knowledgeable and passionate baseball enthusiast Jimmy “Jomboy” O’Brien, "Talkin' Baseball" offers insightful game analysis as well as in-depth coverage on trades, signings, and other off-field activities that impact the sport.

What sets the show apart is a focus on the smaller details of the MLB season, giving you plenty of discussion fodder for your next baseball conversation.

#10. The Lowe Post

Sportswriter Zach Lowe has been called “one of the smartest guys in basketball” and this riveting podcast certainly drives that point home.

Interviews with NBA players and colleagues from the media offer a unique insight on team dynamics, locker room gossip, and even personal anecdotes.



The world of sports goes far beyond scores, stats, and signing bonuses. From human interest stories to player interviews, the best sports podcasts are ones that offer a new perspective on the game.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own podcast or just want an alternative to Spotify on your morning commute, these podcasts are sure to fit the bill.


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