Nov. 29, 2021

Making the Journey Yours

Today, we are joined by Susan Doram who is a published writer, award-winning personal trainer, cycle coach, and worldwide solo cyclist.

Today, we are joined by Susan Doram. Susan is a published writer, award-winning personal trainer, cycle coach, and worldwide solo cyclist.

In 2017, Susan set off for a 2 ½ year solo cycling tour around the world. Her epic journey took her through 15 countries on four continents! It was a “slow cycle” tour, and she credits her bike for helping her meet the most interesting people, especially her Warmshowers hosts, some of whom she is still in touch with today. She returned home to the UK in 2020, just before the pandemic lockdown and in time for her 50th birthday.

Before her journey, she spent a full two years planning and organizing her trip. The whole idea of a long cycle tour scared Susan. So in 2015, she announced to everyone that she planned to take a round-the-world cycle tour just to push herself into actually doing it. Since returning, Susan shares her story to hopefully motivate others to set off on their own cycle adventures.

Before Susan left, she read all of the books about touring, which made her believe the trip would be absolutely grueling; cycling all day and night. But in fact, a cycle tour doesn’t have to be that way; it can be whatever you want it to be. The beauty of the bicycle is that it takes you off the beaten track and into so many places that you would not see if you were in a car. Sometimes, not following the recommended, traditional route allows you to see and do some pretty amazing things.

Susan recalls some of the highlights from her trip, including; the best food she ate, which was in South Korea, Taiwan has fantastic cycle routes with people cheering you on along the way, cycling the Pacific Coastal Highway is beautiful, but going inland off the path can take you to some amazing places. Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia are all very cycle-friendly. Her favorite place to cycle was in Southeast Asia, where she felt very safe and welcomed.

Susan’s tour motivated her to become a cycling coach. Her new venture, teaching people how to ride and tour, is so inspiring. She recently taught a woman in her 70s to ride for the first time. Susan’s enthusiasm for cycling is contagious, and her goal is to get more people out there riding.

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